How do I cut out an image in Adobe photoshop?

I have two pictures that I want to work with. I have a person in one photo that I want to add to another photo. These are both photos I took with my digital camera. I have tried to cut the one out and paste onto the other one, but I am having trouble. I only have the free version of Photoshop so if anyone has any way of helping me I would really appreciate it. (My littlest one was not awake for the pic in front of the tree before we opened all the presents and I want to add him to the one with his brothers and sister. )

Thank you in advance for any help I get.

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    There are several selection tools in Photoshop - Rectangle, freehand, Magic wand, Oval. There are two techniques you can use (not sure if the free version has all those):

    1. Use Rectangle around the little one, and Copy. Paste into the other photo at the desired location, and the pasted rectangle will be a Layer above the background. Use the Eraser tool to shave off the excess around the little one. This has the benefit of making the edges soft and blending with the background.

    2. Use the freehand tool and select around the little one, copy, and then paste into the other pic.

    In both cases, you may need to match lighting.

    Source(s): Lots of photoshop experience.
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