If global warming is such a big issue, why is it the last thing on everyones mind?

Global warming can be helped, but no one bothers to do anything about it. It is an important subject, but government neglects it. It also ties in with the oil crisis. It is easy to make a difference, and there are many upsides to people to helping stop global warming. Please answer!!

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    1. Global warming has been taken over as a politcal issue which has confused many people with their "maybe", "could possibly", "might be", as if those issues were clear;

    2. Political Global warming proponents have used many pseudo-scientists or comments taken out of context so the issue has become confused;

    3. You must separate Global Warming as a general climatic trend which as been occurring for 10,000+ years from man's contribution to global warming which is what your question really addresses.

    4. Realize that the amount of man's contribution to global warming is the real issue and that most HONEST scientists will tell you that that cannot be accurately or completely determined;

    5. Things to consider with respect to global warming would include the following (among many other naturally occurring events): irregular solar flares releasing massive amounts of radiation that bathe the earth; natural flucutations in the ozone layer which affects the earths shielding from heat; the tremendous amounts of dust and greenhouse gases released by violent volcanoes such as Mount Pinatubo, Krakatoa, etc. which far surpass the amount of greenhouse gases released by man's activities; naturally occuring thermal mixing of waters (in the oceans, lakes, etc.) which result in a sudden flipping of warm and cold waters.

    7. The perceived temperature rise of about 1 degree in over a hundred years may be more a factor of how the temperture is now measuured compared to 100 years ago; the accuracy of those measurements and the greater number of extremely remote readings taken today (from remote bouys in the oceans and from satellites);

    6. If man is the CAUSE (not just a contributing factor), then why should you be waiting for the government to do something?

    If you truly believe it is an issue, then I presume you never ride in a motorized vehicle -- you always walk or ride a bike; you grow your own food instead of buying food that may have travelled 1200 miles to feed you; you sleep on the second floor of your house so that you can keep your farm animals on the ground floor so that the heat rising from them will naturally warm your house; and you NEVER use anything which uses electricity.

    There is nothing that either generates electricity or uses electricity that does not generate heat. So your using your computer to ask this question has served to warm the atmosphere.

    Source(s): always a skeptic if politicians are involved
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    this is true our global co2 production is less than 0.05% of the total 0.4% overall co2 level in the atmosphere and this is a lot lower than years before us because of the decrease in volcanic activity over the last few 1000 years they say it will increase however due to deforestation but weight for weight grassland produces more oxygen than forested areas also they are using modified data from 1800s which consist of a bucket and thermometer they openly say the information has been changed to fit how they want, records also show glaciers they have been a lot further back in the past green living should be taken up due to a lack of available resources and you are right they are very separate issues The world's source for global temperature record admits it's lost or destroyed all the original data that would allow the construction of a global temperature record. The CRU has refused to release the raw weather station data and its processing methods for inspection - except to hand-picked academics - for several years. Instead, it releases a ‘processed version’, based on approximations on what they could find isn’t this the data that you then feed through a model to create these facts sooooooo how accurate are they now that you know this????

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    Well I think it's because alot of people think it won't happen in their lifetime that things will ge that bad and they just don't care, alot were never taught to respect the environment and the world we live in, they are concerned with their own little worlds and issues like if they don't have the latest technology or how their job is going, etc, they don't see the big picture. People don't want to accept it. I see the effects, I live between Lakes Erie and Ontario in NY and we have not had snow! Buffalo, NY is known for snow and we have 1 freak October 13 storm that knocked us for a big loop for weeks, but now nothing but blue water in the unfrozen lakes, look at all the natural disasters? I think global warming is coming faster then we all think, a chunk in Northern Canada of an iceberg broke off yesterday, the icecaps are melting and for the intelligent people like us, it's scary. Ever see the movie, the Day after tomorrow? I think everyone should watch that one. The govt is too concerned on spending our tax dollars on war and other things that don't help us much plus how much they can raise their own paychecks that they don't give a hoot. It's very easy to make a difference but until people are taught respect, to care, and govt leaders realize they better take action, we are out of luck.

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    Most people don't realize the impact global warming will have on the Earth in the future, and that is the most obvious reason for people not caring as much right now. Because global warming hasn't affected their lives directly, there's little concern. Until people begin to realize the changes that will happen, there's little movement to do something about. In some cases, people are happy with the warmer winters and longer summers.

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    The oil execs have enough phony scientist to create enough doubt in the minds of the people on the causes and the consequences for letting the CO2 levels rising in the atmosphere. Thus, government has done nothing under the implementation that we're not sure of the causes or consequences of global warming. One of the biggest problems with changing the amount of CO2 output is it costs extra money to regulate it, thats why we don't already have it.

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    Although I do not think about global warming every single second of my life, it does not mean that it is the last thing on my mind.

    Governments will think of what it thinks the people want it to think about. (and that is a simplified view!)

    It is one thing to SAY that you want government to think about global warming, but it is another to ACT as if you meant what you say. Plenty of people wanted their government to think about global warming until they realised that it might mean that their government would raise taxes to curb their use of fuel or large SUV's, or reduce the output of the plant where they work or stop them from selling stuff.

    When that happened, they made sure their governments understood that they did not mean that the gouvernment should actually do something about golbal warming if it affected their job or their leisure.

    The governments are listening to the people.

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    It is easily ignored because of the timescale involved. We are built to react to things on a certain range of timescale. We no more sense the too slow climate change than we could sense the too fast bullet.

    It is likely that we will have enough time to adapt our way of looking at the world before it changes overmuch. None of us remembers the last ice age and probably less than 1 in a hundred has even heard of the 'little ice age'. We don't remember things well accross generations except as stories.

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    looks like everybody in this section thinks it real so ill justhave i even it out a bit, the reason im not concerned about it is that we are not "bigger" than the earth, notmatter what we do thge earth will change, it has changed in the past, its changing now. its called a cycle. hot for a while then a giant asteroid hits and we all die, then 10000 year ice age. (just kidding about the asteroid) we have been around for what? 10000 years? and we have been industrialized for a little over 100 years? the earth has been around for billions of years, our existance is a blink of an eye to the earth, we...can not harm the earth, its warming up i dont argue that, but its not because of us.

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    Okay dude,

    The government don't want to waste money for that cuase they are greedy.

    The main reasone for the Ozone Layer depletion is due to CRR. CRR is a chemicle we use for preserving our food and also to run our life. We cannot remove CRR becuase we don't have the technology to replace this compound element.

    Those are the 2 main reasone y right now.

    Source(s): research and project on GLOBAL WARMING
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    The buck start with the government and the big business.

    As the big business elects the government... the government has to do what the big business wants.

    And the big business does not want to spend billions to find solutions... to run its business without creating pollution.

    Most of the people today try to do their part in not polluting the environment. It is the big business who is killing us because of its greed for money. Capitalism is killing us... you could say.

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