How can I get Embarq to put newer broadband/DSL/landline wires in our area?

Sprint/Embarq offered 3mps dsl in our area about 2 yrs ago. I got a newer computer, pIII, 900+ processer, XP, and their card and hub. The 56K line had terrible static and top speed was mid 40K. They put the line splitter/filter in my outside box with duel lines that plug up landline on one and dsl on the other. I have tweaked, speedtested, and used different computers to check my connection. I have read everything available but my download/upload speeds are only 300-400 kbps. Embarq offered 5mbsp at a lower rate, I have paid top dollar for 3mbps and now 5mbps, but transmission rates over these old weather worn lines does not change no matter what computer is used or which online speedtest I use. There are no wireless networks in our area. We can't change our telephone company. Again, how can we get Embarq to install lines that carry signals? I have paid hundreds of $$ for DSL/landline, I have to use them, I just want what I paid for.


These lines were owned by United telephone 50 years ago, then sprint, now embarq. Charter doesn't offer cable modems in our area, cell phones are hardly usable- signals too weak. Our area is "territorial", that means AT&T nor any other company can touch this area. We are in a time warp, and customer service is terrible. I have had several repair requests in for embarq with not fixing the incoming calls or voice mails. No calls were coming in, my messege was deleted and no recordings were made, it just hung up on everyone! Every repair ticket was "cancelled" they said by me, but they were not, and repair told me to switch to an analog phone, I had an answering machine on when they tried to call, and my cordless phone was shorting it out! Then they told me to -get this- "unplug my phone from the wall to reboot it, and try it later". Embarq's repair service said it was fixed, and they couldn't find the problem. My speed tests are still slow.

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    Embarq is a re-seller/CLEC not the incumbent. The incumbent (Bell South, Verizon, SBC etc.) own the poles and wire and Embarq cannot replace them.You probably just have crappy wire running on the poles and it won't be replaced until you fiber optics come your way. Your best bet would be to switch back to the incumbent and raise hell directly to them, otherwise when we get the service ticket, we only check continuity and complete it out.

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    They (Embarq) may not be able to touch the lines since the lines are owned and controlled by The Bells in your area. AT&T?

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    as a phone tech it is great for me that the telephone network is garbage..more work for me... but as far as being a consumer go for cable modem, cable networks just seem to be built better.

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    you bring up a valid point, but I'm sorry i don't know.

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