my son has a wii, and is trying to connect to the internet, does anyone know how to do this ?

he has a wireless cable dsl, any ideas?

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    The Wii (and DS) use Wifi for connectivity. There are several solutions you could use. This is all assuming you have a broadband connection.

    First (and easiest) is buying the Nintendo Wifi dongle (about $40). This plugs into the USB port of an internet capable PC and transmits a Wifi signal the Wii and DS can pick up.

    You could also buy a wireless router, which you can find for about $40 or $50. You plug your cable or DSL modem into it, then have a wireless card or ethernet bridge for your computer (so it can get its internet signal from the router). The Wii and DS would also be able to receive a signal from the wireless router.

    Third, if you already have a wired network (like me), you can buy a wireless access point (about $80). This plugs into the hub of your existing network and transmits a wireless signal that Wifi devices can use.

    Okay, just saw he has wireless broadband (will leave the previous paragraphs to help others). In that case, you should be able to connect to it through the Wii. Go into your Internet setup in the Wii setup menu and search for a wireless connection. You'll need to have it set up with WEP protection (64 bit should be fine) and will need to know your WEP key to connect to it (consult your wireless device documentation). If you can connect to the wireless device by entering its IP address into a web browser, you should be able to get your key from that. After selecting the wireless device and entering the WEP key, you should be ready to go.

    I hope this is clear enough. Good luck.

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    Lindsey, please post if you are actually going to help, and you're talking about a PS3. TC, the client mentioned that the son has a wireless setup.

    What you do is that you first boot up the Wii. Once that is finished, you go to the Wii menu where it has the disk channel, shop channel, and that good stuff. At the bottom left, click the button that says "Wii". Once you accessed that menu, you are in the Wii optoions menu. Click the arrow on the right side of the screen once. Click on the internet and press wireless connection. Then you press the button that says "search for access point". The Wii will search for wireless connections. Once it finds your desired connection, click on it, and it will ask if you want to use thi connection. Press yes, and it will start testing the connection to make sure it is usable. If your connection has a WEP code, ask whoever set up your internet for assistance in finding it.

    I hope it is clear enough to read since everything is all bunched up in one huge paragraph ^_^

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    Go to Wii settings and browse until you get to the internet option. Try selecting a new wireless connection. That might bring an access point up. if there is a lock that is unlocked next to the name of the access point, use it. it will search for a test connection. If successful, you will be connected to the internet. If not successful, try having a person from Geek Squad at Best Buy help you out.

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    you need an Internet connection.

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    no i don't my husband just got that game for 600 bucks i don't know sorry

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