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Is there any funiture store that does layaway?

Is there any in Erie Pa that does layaway?

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    Give the ones nearest to you a call, and find out.

    It's Showtime Video


    351 W 8TH St, Erie, PA

    Traditions Postone's


    1209 State St, Erie, PA

    Munn's Furniture


    1209 State St, Erie, PA

    Office Furniture USA | Website


    1225 State St, Erie, PA

    Fred's Furniture Co | Website


    117 E 12TH St, Erie, PA

    Mutual Specialty Furniture Incorporated


    1108 Parade St, Erie, PA

    Penny's Trash & Treasures


    1601 Liberty St, Erie, PA

    Cooley Gentle & Sons


    744 E 21ST St, Erie, PA

    Arthur F Schultz Co | Website


    939 W 26TH St, Erie, PA

    Carpeting & Furnishings By Bob


    1110 E 26TH St, Erie, PA

    Traditions Unlimited


    1608 W 8TH St, Erie, PA

    Outlet Furnishings


    3622 Liberty St, Erie, PA

    Sleep Gallery


    3616 Liberty St, Erie, PA

    Jamestown Mattress Co | Website


    1946 W 8TH St, Erie, PA

    Furniture & Mattress Outlet | Website


    2147 W 12TH St, Erie, PA

    Troyer Furniture Accessories


    2564 W 8th St, Erie, PA

    Business Environment Center


    2651 W 8TH St, Erie, PA

    Bare Woods


    3330 W 26TH St Ste 5, Erie, PA

    Ethan Allen | Website


    7520 Peach St, Erie, PA

    A complete home furnisher, from home office to outdoor. Modern, traditional and world-influenced collections; styles in wood, leather and more

    World Bazaar of Erie


    5639 Peach St, Erie, PA

    Munn's Comfortable Lifestyles


    3410 W 12TH St, Erie, PA

    Bedroom Expressions


    5942 Peach St, Erie, PA

    Oak Express | Website


    5942 Peach St, Erie, PA

    Harvest Woods


    908 Chelsea Ave, Erie, PA

    Pistone's Furniture Gallery


    3626 Bellaire Dr, Erie, PA

    John V Schultz Furniture | Website


    7200 Peach St, Erie, PA

    Schanz Gallary


    1501 State St, Erie, PA

    Asbury House Limited


    5613 W Rdg Rd, Erie, PA

    Back Porch Limited


    2740 W 22ND St, Erie, PA

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    I think Manor Furniture does layway.

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    Check the Erie,Pa phone book yellow pages. The ads might tell you if they have layaway or you can call the stores.

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  • 3 years ago

    John V Schultz Furniture

  • 1 decade ago

    John V. Schultz does layaway, or if you do 90 days same as cash you get the furniture right away and have 3 months to pay.

  • 3 years ago

    John V Schultz Erie Pa

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