A qu about Trauma centre: under the knife,,,,NDS?

What is the best way to do Chapter 2 Scene 4.......ITS REALLY HARD.

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    that's the one that made me give up - it is REALLY hard! i had to do healing touch just to do the original ones, where you don't have to zoom in/out

    i copy/pasted the following from gamefaqs, as i'll list in my source

    Objectives: 1.) Treat the aneurisms on the outer membrane of the large



    Name: Mario Kovac

    Height: 155.2 cm

    Weight: 143.0 lbs

    Time Limit: 5:00

    Starting Vitals: 70

    Max. Vitals: 80

    Condition: Multiple aneurisms have formed on the surface of the large

    intestine. Requires sedative treatment and suturing of the vessel.

    --Operation Walkthrough--

    Be careful during this operation. A wrong magification will cost you time, and an aneurism could burst while you get your bearings.

    Gel, incise. Lets do it.

    You see a small red dot on a red line. The line's the blood vessel and the dot is the aneurism. Magnify around it.

    First thing you may notice is that it gets bigger. It can and WILL burst if you don't hurry.

    First off, inject the brown serum into it. You'll see it shrink and the yellow cutting guide line appear around it. Scalpel that line quickly, or you'll have to inject the brown serum into it again.

    After you've excised it, grab it with the forceps and drop it in the tray. The two halves of the artery will start bleeding, drain the blood. Now with the forceps, grab one end and drag it over to the other end. Now suture straight across the area where they connect. The halves will be connected and the artery will disappear. Cease magnification.

    You'll see another aneurism appear. Uh oh.

    Start treating the one that appeared. After you suture the artery shut, two more will appear.

    After you treat one, two more will appear, now there's three of the things. Just treat them all normally, if one looks too big, just inject some brown serum into it to give yourself some more time.

    After you treat all three, Angie will tell you to wait a second before you close him up.

    FIVE aneurisms will appear. This is the worst part of the mission. If one bursts, the vitals will go down by about 20 or so. All five popping will kill your patient straight out even at full vitals. If his vitals are down from when you were treating the other aneurisms, just one bursting

    and bleeding may end it. Try not to let that happen.

    Now, here you could either,

    A.) HT, then treat each as you have before, injecting the brown serum into those ready to burst.

    B.) Excise each, but not extract them, then go from there one at a time.

    Each has its pros and cons, so do whichever one suits you. However, you may need the HT no matter what you do, as when the artery halves are bleeding, his vitals drop pretty badly. Couple that with a couple aneurisms bursting and you've got problems.

    After you treat all of them, Angie will wonder about the HT and its abilities.

    Suture, gel, bandage.


    Post-Op: Greg will say that you managed to control the Healing Touch. He'll say not to rely on it too much, and to build you basic surgical skills. The screen will black out for a second. Derek will wonder what just happened. Greg's still talking about your job as a doctor as the screen blacks out for good this time. Greg will ask you if you're listening. Then he'll ask what's wrong. You don't answer, as you're passed out on the floor.

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