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What is the top 10 most powerful militaries?

name from one to 10 the most powerful militaries

this doe not include nuclear weapons

consider budget spending, size, capabilities, history, technology

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    1. USA – No doubt. Sheer size, unbeatable technologies, worldwide reach, solid economy, nothing can beat this monster military machine. Only drawback is that the American army can’t seem to take heavy casualties and prefer fighting from a distance. Not much comments to make or to compare (you can’t actually compare) here apart from this simply “THE BEST”. Period.

    2. RUSSIA – The spot for second place is the most contentious between Russia and China. Russia trumps China in experience and equipment. The Russian army may be a shadow of its former Soviet days but it has inherited a fighting tradition and more importantly the world’s largest nuclear arsenal. Russian army has far better tanks than the Chinese although China has the larger army. Drawback of this Russian force is that there is rampant corruption and the conscript army doesn’t seem to have a very high morale.

    3. CHINA - The Chinese army is on the process of massive modernization. Gone are the days when they used to rely on waves of human soldiers. The new China is lean mean and ready to give fight. Within a decade China will displace Russia as the 2nd most powerful country and in the long term looks set to overtake USA. China has got some of the best infantry men on the planet but their air force is not on par. China is the “greatest thing the world has ever know” P. Samuel Huntington. But China is also in disputes with almost all its neighbors Vietnam, India, Japan, South Korea, Russia and is fighting low-level insurgencies in its Muslim provinces and Tibet could boil over anytime. On the whole the latter part of the 21st century looks like Chinese if they overcome all their problems.

    4. UNITED KINGDOM- The U.K ‘used’ to have one of the greatest armies on the planet and the Redcoats were responsible for the greatest empire ever on earth upon which the sun never set. Although a shadow of its former self the U.K has some of the best trained and experienced infantrymen in the world. Being the 51st state of the U.S also counts. Has a lot of combat experience and the Gurkas are renowned the world over for their bravery. Nice mixture of technology, manpower and courage. On the whole a well deserved 4th position.

    5. INDIA – India one of the richest countries culturally but lacking a military tradition which they lost when they lost their country to the British. Now having fought five wars with Pakistan and coming trumps in three of them and one war with China, which was disastrous, India is now keen to revive its military tradition and to make sure that’s its sovereignty is not encroached upon. Having a standing army of 1.1 million and an equal number of reservists and para-militaries it has a keen eye on its neighbors to the east and west.

    6. PAKISTAN – If India had been absent here Pakistan would have been too. Pakistani military is created upon the basis that any invading army would suffer serious casualties upon invasion and hence is more of deterrent. That is not to say that Pakistan has some of the toughest people on the planet like the Pathans and the Punjabhis. Its army is highly experienced as they have been in state of war for over 5 decades. Overall good leadership and lacking modern equipment and technology. One of the places where Pakistan scores well is its missile system and air force.

    7. ISRAEL – The surprise package of the lot. Israel is a very tiny country, which packs a devasting punch way over its weight. Its biggest strength is its people. The whole country is actually a military academy. That’s the reason it has not only survived the Arabs in all the wars but also defeated them decisively. American support has helped it become the most technologically advanced country second only to the US. Its serious drawbacks are that it is a very small country with a very tiny population. Its has no room for maneuvering and spends a large part of its earning in the military. It cannot sustain for long on the battle field and would prefer a quick decisive victory. Its kick *** army is trained for war not to police Gaza. Its ports are very vulnerable and its navy is almost non-existent. Its air force is one of the best in the world. It leaders have consistently shown the world that they are the best brains in the business when it comes to war. The reserves are the backbone of the army, no of the nation. During the Yom Kippur war they surprised not only the whole world but possibly themselves when after what looked like a down hill battle they not only mobilized but also pushed back and captured vast enemy territory. “Big things come in small packages”.

    8. TURKEY – Possibly Turkey has the greatest military traditions of the planet. Its battle-hardened armies had once roamed freely throughout Eastern Europe and threatened the very existence of the Western Way of life. The Ottoman Empire was arguably one of the greatest imperial powers ever. Now it has been drastically cut down to size. Membership in NATO and Israeli Military contact has helped in become the most powerful army of Europe after Russia and UK. It has a 600,000 thousand rapidly modernizing army. It’s got a lethal air force with more F-16’s than any other nation apart from US. A well to do navy finished the picture. Its neighbors Greece, Cyprus live in fear of the Turks. Wouldn’t be least surprised if in a few decades time Turkey goes up a few notches in the ratings.

    9. NORTH KOREA – The best drilled and ready for war army on the planet. A highly militarized society who’s army has for the past 50 years has only been drilling and practicing for war with the South and US. It equipment is outdated and so are some of its weapons and missile systems. With the demise of its previous feeder (Soviet Union) is has not been able to upgrade and modernize is military due to lack of funds and sanctions. Its people are poor and suffering and it is slowly decaying from within. North Korea is like an egg. Hard from the outside (here read army) and soft within. Incase of war North Korea would like a quick end to any conflict as it cannot sustain its forces for long in the battle field. Its biggest ally China is sure to help in case of any conflict in its backyard. Will not be surprised if it falls out of the ranking pretty soon.

    10. SOUTH KOREA – Like Pakistan the only reason South Korea is on the list and has such a powerful army is due to the North. Its principle backer the United States has made sure that the South has the best military hardware and technology to help defend itself. The South Korean air force is the best of all its branches. Its army and training is A class. It has the sixth largest army in the world and is astonishing for a country of its size. South Korea although is known more for its electronic gadgets than its army. But it is still a pretty strong country. Nevertheless in case of war with the North, the South will be easily overrun and the only thing that has ensured its survival is the presence of American military personnel in the country. If the North and South were ever to be united then a United Korea will truly be a force to reckon with.


    China will overtake the US's ARMY, not MILITARY.

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    If by powerful, you mean most effective, then it would be most first world countries' military forces. We have technology, strong equipment, experience and training. Any country armed with nuclear weapons is incredibly powerful. Seeing as you're not going to have a 300,000 vs 25,000 style war scenario nowadays, countries such as Canada and Australia are still very powerful, as both countries use almost exactly the same equipment as others like the U.S (Check out the [As]Lav). You have left out many countries that are stronger than the ones you have listed. Also, Indonesia is practically a miniaturesque Russia, as Indonesia buy a lot of Russian aircraft, etc. (Like Suzies).

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    China, US, India, North Korea, Russia, South Korea, Pakistan Israel, Turkey, and Iran China being first Turkey being last

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    1.)China(manpower,weapons and the fact they have spend over 50% of their money on their armed forces lately and are fanatics)

    2.)Russia(manpower,biggest Navy and Air Force and combat power)

    3.)US(manpower,technology and combat power)

    4.)UK(technology and the most professional and best trained military with a history of winning and not backing down and the best equipped and have a lot of experience)

    5.)N.Korea(manpower and the will to take on anyone)

    6.)India(manpower and the fact that they are a soon to be superpower)

    7.)Israel(weaponry and manpower with a brilliant Air Force)

    8.)Saudi Arabia(money)

    9.)Pakistan(manpower and combat power)

    10.)Turkey(combat power)

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    1. U.S

    2. Russia

    3. China

    4. NATO

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    lol Russia is equipement is old and out dated ...

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