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how do I find out what the domain name or workgroup of my computer is?

I'm going to reinstall windows 2000 on my computer and they're will be asking me for my domain name or workgroup.How do I find this?

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    I've had problems setting up networking DURING the OS install. So first off, I would say just to choose WORKGROUP networking and no domain for the install. Once the system is up and running, you can join it to a domain.

    If you don't have a IT guy running your network, then you don't have a domain and leaving it set to a workgroup named WORKGROUP is fine. Its just a way of grouping computers on the network. You can browse to any other workgroup without being a member of that workgroup.

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    right click on my computer and select properties

    then click on the computer name tab

    and it should show ur computer's name and its workgroup or the domain

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    right click on my computer go in the properties and click on computer name tab and check you are in workgroup or change click on change tab and change that.

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