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What is global warming exactly and where is the proof?

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    CO2 is 30% higher than it has been for 650,000 years. Methane is 130% greater. These are two of the main pollutants humans put into the atmosphere in excess, and they are two of the primary greenhouse gases.

    Look at the 'hockeystick', which shows a dramatic warming since 1950 after a fairly stable climate for 1000 years. In fact, the 10 hottest years in recorded history have all happened since 1990, with 2005 being the hottest.

    (see links below)

    How's that for proof of man's fault in this? There is ample proof, any real scientist will tell you that.

    There has NEVER been an article doubting man's influence on global warming published in a peer-reviewed journal. A recent study of almost 1000 proved that.

    Yes, the earth naturally heats and cools, but the rate and amount we are warming now is unprecedented in the recent geologic past. We are doing this, and we must stop it. This is not some political statement or rhetoric. This is science trying to educate a crass, ignorant public of the damage they are doing. The magnitude of temperature increase ALREADY is about 10x that of the 'little ice age' of the middle ages, and rate and amount are only going up.

    Just to be clear, glacial and interglacial cycles are mainly controlled by astronomical fluctuations, but we have a detailed record of the last 7 cycles, and what the climate and CO2 is doing now is way different and extreme. The rate of increase is much higher than in the past AND the value itself is much higher.

    HI CO2:


    General climate stuff:

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    Global warming exists, the Earth has been warming up since the last ice age. However, right now it's just a heat wave. Next winter will be cooler, and the one after that even colder. Global warming is however, hardly affected by humans. CO2 altogether barely makes a difference. The main problem is water in the atmosphere. Something that we can do nothing about. The Kyoto Accord dis trying to reduce CO2 emissions, but that's NOT going to make a difference and Al Gore will come up once again, spewing his bullsh*t about how we're all f*cked and gas guzzling SUV's screwed us all...

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    One of the major proofs is the total Green house gas is only 1.1% . That is like the savings I have at the bank ,it is so low it will not amount to anything in 50 years. There is a more serious problem and that is Corbin dioxide or CO2 . CO2 is a major problem in that so much is produced in the burning of our fuels. This was taken care of a few million years ago ,when Mother Nature introduced green plants. The preen plants take in CO2 and give us back oxygen . This means that there was never a problem with CO2 in the first place it was all hype.If u don't believe me go measure it. CO2 is a heavy gas and is down on the ground. If there never was a problem with CO2 there isn't with global warming.

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    Global warming is the trapping of green house gasses such as CO2 from the burning of fossil fuels. This is called the green house effect.

    For the proof, start by watching the movie, An Inconvenient Truth.

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    Too undesirable you probably did not examine the article! "The moon is drawing close an severe southern summer, a season that takes position each few hundred years. in this particular time, the moon's southern hemisphere receives extra direct solar. The equivalent in the global might want to be having the solar right now overhead at midday north of Lake extra appropriate for the period of a northern summer." they say that this is area of an popular cycle of Neptune's MOON Triton (not Neptune), which cycles on and stale each few hundred years. this is thoroughly unrelated to global warming right here in the global, it truly is aggravated by human pastime. The "global warming" on Triton is like the seasons right here in the global - fairly quickly, you'd be calling those global warming too!

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    Global warming is the slow but constant rise in average temperatures around the globe. The proof is in the data.

    The phenomenon is fact, it's only the cause that's debatable. It is not 100% possible at this point to prove whether man is causing it or if it is a natural cycle.

    But rest assured, anyone who tries to claim it isn't happening is either lying or isn't very smart!

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    Global warming means that the planet is getting warmer and there is more CO2 in the air and that is what is causing it. Watch the movie "An Inconvenient Truth" by Al Gore

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    Global warming is burning of trees ,garbage and such like .(proof)when fossil fuel are burnt to release energy carbon dioxide is release and return to the air (combustion) .the very heat we are experiencing now is a naturally proof

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    Global warming is exactly what all of these people are saying with one exception. ITs a THEORY. Wild Speculation. did you know only 19% of the world's scientists aggree that global warming is real?

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    It's in the atmosphere, and the proof is from charts and the rise in temperature and you can feel it.

    Can't you feel it getting warmer? It's also in books and studies show it. But don't be wasting time talking about it and help instead if you care.

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