is there any other way besides turning my self in to see if i have a warrant on me?

i was involved in a trial and at the end the judge told me the only way i'd find out if i had any thing to worry about is if i got this true?

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    You could pretend to be a bounty hunter and try to collect a bounty on yourself.

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    You apply for a criminal record search. I believe you can do it by calling or by mail and they will send you a letter in response. If you DO have a warrant but it's not a bad one, they'll just ask you to turn yourself in via letter rather than coming to get you.

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    You can call your local PD and tell them you were told there is a possibilty you might have a "warrant" If so then go down and find out what it is about and if you need your attorney, call.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yeah, call your local sheriffs department. But I would do it from a pay phone or an untraceable number. I have called for a friend. They didn't come get her or anything.

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    Go online to your county sheriff dept and look it up.

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