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are there any fairy tales about frogs where the frog has a name?

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    In shrek the frog is King Harold. In Naruto (not a fairytale but based on mythologies) the frog is Gamabunta which translates to frog-boss. The classic frog-prince has no name and is just refered to as the handsome prince. But there are some versions (russian, scanadanavian) where the frog is female instead. And sometimes, when Jim Hensen does it, the frog is named Kermit.

    One source I discovered was ED Baker's book which says "The frog begs her to give him a kiss so that he will turn back into Prince Eadric" Donna Jo Napoli's "Prince of the Pond" is variation of The Frog Prince is told by a female frog, later named Jade by the mysterious, huge male frog she happens upon, jumping from a pile of human clothing in the hag's garden. Jade is fascinated and attracted to this handsome green frog who doesn't know how to croak or jump properly. She saves his cute, green fanny a couple of times and wonders how he ever got to be so big being so clueless to frog ways. Fawg Pin develops a name for himself, though, when he courageously outwits three pond nemeses, the toad, the snapping turtle and the water snake. He even begins to change Jade's view of frog ways by caring for the tadpoles they have created.

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    Not exactly a fairy tale, but a children's book. Boll the Frog! (Grodan Boll in Swedish - it's a Swedish book). His best friend is Kalle Stropp, a grasshopper. Not too many of those guys that have names either.

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    why don't you be the first to name one in your fairy tale that you will be writting about soon

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    Never heard of it but its name is got to be Drake.

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    by R. T. Sultzer

    ... x o x o !

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    nah nt really

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