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Appropriate Hindu gift?

I was given a lovely gift for Christmas from my neighbors who are Hindu. As I see that they are so respectful and also were being so kind, I would like to know what "holiday" is upcoming and any appropriate gift that would show the same respect and the same extension of good will. I did look up 2007 holidays for hinduism and there is a festival that they give gifts to a certain diety, ie:flowers and incense. Is this alright to give them? I really want to extend peace and to respect their open hearts. Thank you

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    From my experience any beautiful object you like they will also,do not gift pooja items,you can for example give them a beautiful vase with flowers in it,a fruit basket,or some candles,include a card or letter expressing your thanks and respect for them they will certainly appreciate it.Some incense and a beautiful burner would also be nice and appropriate.

    Source(s): have many Indian friends and family members most are hindu
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    do no longer understand what's classic, yet some truly positive incense, which includes an inventive incense holder, may well be truly effective. on the "10000 Villages" shops, there are little incense kits that have a real gifty seem, in a effective container and each thing. Any effective kinfolk merchandise, which includes a bowl or vase for plant existence, possibly a somewhat tray, may well be acceptable for a marriage in any custom. i might focus on the hand-made, artful issues, and go away the heavily produced on my own.

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    Go to their home with any small gift even chocolates or sweets they will feel need to wait for festival.

    hindus become happy with a small thank and acceptance of their love

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    bla bla bla...thanks for my two points!

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