At what age can a child distinguish colors?

My daughter is 2 and 3 months.. She can count to ten in english and she is starting to count in spanish mostly just from ocho to nueve. Anyway should she be able to tell that blue is blue and red is red if you put two piles of toys in front of her!! She cannot understand she will put the blue in the red pile and the red in the blue pile and cannot get it.. I was just wondering if this is to early.. I just figured since she can count and memorize so well...

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    She is just now at the age where she can start telling you what color is which......if she can't tell the difference between the 'blue' pile of toys and the 'red' pile, maybe she is color blind, but it's way to early to know that.

    You might try getting some color flash cards and start working with her just a few minutes each day with them and see that helps.

    I don't think you should really worry about anything just yet. I think it's great you are so in tune though and trying to help her grow and learn!

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    Babies can detect color as early as two to three months fo age. You daughter should be able to distinguish between red and blue though you may consult with her pediatrician to rule out color blindness which most often effects red and green. If she can rule out color blindness just be patient and continue to work with her. My daughter began to learn her colors at about 2 to 2 1/2 years but if was much more difficult for her to learn than her numbers and ABC's. Good luck to you and your daughter.

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    maby she just does not understand the logic, that you WANT her to put blue with blue, and red with red. Small kids like that probably won't be able to organize with logic for a while.

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    By the time she is three she will probably be able to identify primary colors.Things like pink and lilac take a bit longer because they aren't as clear.

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