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Would you, as a Liberal minded person, vote for a Christian President ?

And to be fair. .. . .Would you, as a Conservative minded person, vote for a Christian President ?

I'll let you folks answer as you wish, but please do include whether you're a liberal or conservative or otherwise !! Thank you !

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    Every president in the history of the US has been "Christian"


    I take it that means that is all that both are willing to vote for!

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    This is the most foolish and poorly administered question I have reviewed in awhile. A Christian President? Since there has never been an Atheist, Jewish, or Muslim President on K Street then why is this question even necessary. I am a liberal and also an African American. When I hear the right-wing pundits cry out that the African-American vote is overwhelmingly Democratic, this question is even more asinine. Take a look during the year, my poorly informed right-wing blogger, at where most political front runners will attempt to woo the African American vote. It will be, as it has always been, a photo-op at a Sunday church service. So...let's see. If a major voting bloc of the liberal wing is African-American, and the best way to reach that bloc is at church, then why do right wingers ignore this and say that liberals are not Christians? Unbelievable. Do us a favor....stop reprinting snippets from Rush, Fox News and the rest of their ilk and start thinking about the issues from your perspective and not hide behind the Republican propaganda play book.

    Yes, I will vote for a Christian President, just as have all Americans have done so since Mr. Washington occupied the White House.

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    When I became eligible to vote, I voted for John Kennedy who was a Catholic. At that time, it was generally felt that a Catholic could never be President. What obviously mattered was that most of America shared his political philosophy. It has only been in the most recent years that political philosophy and religion became so co-mingled. Now it seems, one must decide which candidate is the most religious! How did we get to this point? The moral majority and the strength of the Christian Fundamentalists have made it so. Apparently, according to this group, a candidate's political philosophy counts for less than his religious beliefs. However, hard to believe I know, there are still some of us out here who are Christian but will still insist that a good President is one who is intelligent enough to do the job - either liberal or conservative. I hope we can get back to the political point of view next election and cease this unctuous and sanctimonious backbiting. I'm a democrat, Christian, patriot, taxpayer, citizen and voter. Need I justify myself to you any further?!!

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    umm I hate to tell you this but every president has been a Christian. A Christian is a person who believes in Jesus, and that he died for our sins. I really don't understand your question. Or are you saying that only people that believe in what you believe are Christians? What is it exactly that you believe? Are you one of those rattlesnake holding Christians? Are you Baptist? Catholic? Anglican? Evangelical? If a liberal votes for president they vote for a Christian. Nobody else has run for president that I know of.

    Oh and I guess I am a liberal. And Catholic

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    I am a liberal and seeing as how I myself am a Christian, yes I would vote for a Christian President.

    It would however depend on whether or not they could separate their faith from their political beliefs like I do.

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    Liberal, yes, I don't think that I have ever voted for anybody but a Christian. Not all of the reds post are true and the ones that say that liberals are atheist are just wrong.

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    Depends where he/she stands on issues. I voted for Clinton. I consider him more of a Christian person than Bush anyday. Carter was a bit before my voting time, yet he certainly has shown more true Christian values than Bush.

    Republicans/Conservatives dont own the Christian thing.

    Im a Democrat.

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    Actually that is all that the major parties have chosen over many years. Among them there have been some good candidates.

    But if you mean "Christian" as in Dumbya style christianist who want to mix church and state, NEVER!!!!!!!!

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    They elected Jimmy Carter, and he ran on a "born again" ticket.

    I see alot of posters slamming republicans for not being true Christians.

    I wonder how many folks have read Jesus' words about judging? And how forgiveness is forfeit for those who cannot forgive others?

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