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I don't understand: why are people still dying in Iraq only hours after Saddam's execution?

I thought this would bring peace and closure to the region; was I wrong?

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    Yahoo can help on this. Go to finance and type HAL (Haliburton) and plot the stock value for the past 5 years. Bush and Cheney like chaos and death in Iraq. While PNAC was the biggest failure of all time, the HAL profits were not. Just don't tell the dittoheads that Bush knew Iraq was never a threat to the US and had nothing to do with 9/11.

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    Possibly it is retaliation from the Sunni Muslim sect, Baathist party, or simply insurgents continuing to stoke the fire. It's just another excuse to prompt a civil war by those who want this to happen.

    The Sunni get a lot of support from Saudi Arabia because Saudi Arabia is primarily a Sunni Muslim country! Iran, on the other hand, is enjoying success and victory over the death of Saddam Hussein. Either country could fuel these latest attacks, not that they give a rat's behind about the Iraqi people. They know the Iraqi's aren't smart enough to put aside their sectarian division. and band together as a country to get rid of the outsiders who are determined to bring down their government.

    Then, there is the Iraqi Shiite government that cannot put aside it's own sectarian support, so that all Iraqi people can feel they are represented. Until this happens, until there is separation of church and state, the Iraqi government will never be effective and will never be successful. Know where on earth today, is this more evident!

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    if this was the key to peace it would've happened a long time ago. if every Iraqi hated Saddam Hussein, he would have already been dead. There is never a major solution that will fix everything and bring peace and closure. Furthermore the logic behind your statement is a bit skewed: "lets kill someone to bring peace!"

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    Saddam didn't work alone, he has a bunch of followers and just because your leader dies doesn't mean you stop doing what he wanted done. That and they are all fricken nuts They were brought up that they need to kill whom ever gets in their way of their beliefs, to get into heaven, that's why they have so many suicide bombers. I just pray for all the men and woman over there for a safe return home, and a nice parking lot made in Iraq!!!!!!!!!

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    It's because Saddam Hussein was bent on the destruction of all Muslims other than Sunnis. The Shiites, Kurds, etc., like that he's dead because he was trying to kill them, but the Sunnis in Iraq liked Saddam Hussein and don't like how people hated him, so... I don't need to explain the rest.

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    Yes...there has been violence there for a long time, even more violence, since America is occupying Iraq. After Saddam was captured there was still violence...because there is a war going on. Also Saddam was executed for his crimes in the 1980s...not for crimes in the 21st century.

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    Saddam was a Sunni, he killed and oppressed Shiites and Kurds. The Shiites and Kurds are happy that it is the end of his terror and reign. The Sunni's believe Saddam was killed wrongfully and that until the time of his death he did nothing wrong. Its still a region much divided.

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    All this will cause is more s hit over there. There are a lot of Saddam supporters and they will fight back. The USA were the only country claiming that this is the right thing to do. Hanging Saddam will probably turn out to be the worst thing they could've done. The sh it is just getting started.

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    People are still dying because there is still insurgency. There are a lot of Iraqis who don't want us there, so they use violence against us, just like we have against them. I'm sure there are plenty of people in Iraq that love the fact that saddam died, but that doesn't change the fact that we are occupying there country.

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    Does the fact that the country is full of economically impoverished, under-educated, and sexually repressed people hell bent on destruction ever enter into your mind? Or the fact that they live in a place where two groups of religious fanatics, each mutually antagonistic and irreconcilable, are hopelessly mixed?

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