Can anyone help me know the name of the Spanish/English punk band that is played on college radio stations?

I've heard them on WSOU and others, and they have a punk / hardcore / ska sound with fast drumming and horns.

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    mmm..Could it be.."el canto del loco"? it's a spanish/english rock band that sing a song called "Zapatillas" that is offen played on the radio

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  • 3 years ago

    i can not endure in innovations listening to highway celebrity myself. One might think of that all the songs the grateful lifeless have accomplished, why are the only 3 f*n songs you EVER hear are Truckin, Casey Jones and touch of gray. UGH!! I hardly hear to the radio anymore. I play my cd's while using around or at homestead. Radio has grow to be so rattling uninteresting.

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