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Suppose a tree falls down in the distant forest and no one sees it fall, has a tree actually fallen?

In other words, do things and events, philosophically-speaking, exist /take place or all phenomena is merely an expression of human thought and consciousness?

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    You just answered your own question; the tree has already fallen; it doesn't matter if someone is there to see it fall or not. I believe that all things & events, philosophically-speaking do exist and take place because there are always some kind of witness even though we may not think so (the animals, other people, etc.). We're all connected through our mind; so when others come up with an idea it has already been said or thought of, as well.

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    But you start the question by saying a tree has fallen down. A tree has fallen down, has it actually fallen? Well, how else did it get down?

    Well, if you believe that things happen against the human will, like a tree falling when noone wished it to do so, from this experience you could thus presume that a tree might also do the same when it was not being sensed by a human. I think the idea is that you can't really know, but you make a value judgement, and bassed on past experiences, the possibilies of something repeating in the same way can be expected. Well, something like that...

  • Some people can't see the forest for the trees. Why does it have to do with anything human? Everything else earthly would know that the tree had fallen ..... we use 'thought' and 'consciousness' like we know something and we don't. Especially when it comes to something as esoteric as noticing a tree that has fallen in the forest! Who saw the birds flying off; who saw the ants going haywire; who saw the sun shining in the space that it left; who noticed the animals taking advantage of a new shelter? Hmmmmm

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    Yes the tree has fallen. The fact that it wasn't seen is irrelevant if there was actually a tree and it did fall. The space the tree occupied in the landscape is altered as it no longer stands. Human thought and consciousness is extremely limited when compared to the vastness of the universe. It would be impossible for all knowledge to be encompassed in the human mind thus it would be impossible for every instance to be dependent upon the mind's awareness.

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    Why must the world, the stars and all the universe depend upon such an insignificant creature as Man alone?

    Seems a little silly doesn't it?

    Must the Sun and all the planets revolve around the Earth?

    Sounds primitive, even a little vain, to think that the universe revolves around Man.

    Suppose Man destroys himself and were are all dead.

    The Sun will still rise; the rain will fall; and trees will still grow old.

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    A train was travelling from Germany to France. When it crossed the border between the two, there was a sign that said 'Welcome To France' that had a black sheep eating grass standing right next to it. A person noted, "Look, the sheep in France are black." A mathematician said, "Well, all we can tell is that some of the sheep here are black." A philosopher looked up and said, "Actually all we can say is that there is one sheep in France that is at least half black."

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    Just because no one did not see it fall does not mean it did not happen. The world does not revolve around mankind.

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    accept the supposition that a butterfly flapping it's wings is responsible for a hurricane on the other side of the world.

    All energy exists,it is oneness

  • Ask the chipmunk who just lost his home and family while out getting nuts.

    There's more to this Earth than just what we see.

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    yes! sort of like when a tree falls and no one hears it! it still fell!

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