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Why is Battlestar Galactica so popular?

I watched it once. Well, I lie. I tried to watch it, and ended up wandering off halfway through to play The Sims 2. It is unbelievably boring. I'm a fan of Doctor Who and was a fan of The X-Files, and they're great because they bring together the sci-fi elements and humor. That's the major thing BG is missing, humor. It's not funny at all. Why do people waste their time watching it when they could be watching Doctor Who?

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    Battlestar whattica?

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    Some of us BSG fans do watch DW. The difference is that DW is meant to be more of a family oriented series, and not a serious drama. At its core, BSG is a drama, and a very well written one.

    Even being a drama and working with some serious and dark themes, there are still humorous moments and dialogue throughout the series. You can't really generalize what you happen to see during part of one show to the entire series. Take X-Files.. what would happen if someone wanted to see what all the hype was about and happened to tune into, say, the ep where they did the "Cops" parody, or when Gary and Tia were "playing" Fox and Dana... they might think the whole series was way more comedic than it really was and say "forget this, this isn't a serious show". See the problem?

    You really have to watch more of a series to get a feel for it, especially arc driven series. Outside of sit-coms, a lot of humor comes from knowing the characters, and that takes time as well. But, even in the end, it all comes down to personal taste.

    I still have no idea why Seinfeld was so popular and considered a great comedy. I watched eps, talked with fans... I just didn't get it. Some series click for you personally, some don't.

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    I don't know why - its not nearly as good as the original that was on in 1979. In its defense, it has gotten better. But, I can't handle Starbuck being a woman! (And she's not all that hot either, yet all the guys on the program are nuts about her - what am I missing?)

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    Because there is nothing else on to watch. I don't get the SciFi channel., wouldn't watch it anyways.

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  • It souds cheesy and I do not know

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