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need advice on

i have these weird dreams of death. its like i see the future in them. i see death. and when i have these dreams like that within a couple of weeks someone dies in my family or a close friend to the family. anyways i had the dream just a few minutes ago,and it was about my boyfriend and i started crying. i dont know what to do...and hurting me insisde i dont wont to loose him. can anybody give any advice?



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    start praying for ur boyfriend

    and if u have faith on god then leave it on god

    cause what ever will happen will happen for ur and ur boyfriends good

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    Yes, cast out the spirit that is causing this. And that's no joke either. What you are seeing is false prophecy. It is the devil spirit equivalent of true prophecy but only predicts death and disaster.

    The cause is always a devil spirit. Usually a lying or decieving spirit or a spirit of sooth saying. They usually work together with other spirits that actually cause the deaths they predict which is why they are so accurate.

    To help your boyfriend:

    1> Stop beleiving these lies. Belief can bring about many things but it can convince your boyfriend to 'buy into' the same lie and let himself be tricked by these spirits.

    2>Stop listening to these dreams. They are illusion which is being used with cunning slieght of hand to bring you distress.

    3>If you are not born again then look up romans 10:9 and 10 in the bible and confess jesus as lord and belive god raised him from the dead. This gets you born again and gives you the power and authority of God to cast out devils.

    4>command that these devils leave and never come back. Don't take no for an answer and don't listen to any of their lies.

    5> live a free and happy life without any more bad dreams.

    God bless.

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    If you are a Muslim, go and see your imam (and there is this book about interpretations of dreams by Ibnu Sireen)

    If you are a Christian, go and meet your priest

    If you are a Jew, go and see your rabbi

    Or if you dont believe in God, go and see a psychologist or an astrologer or something.

    Because seriously, you need help. I dont think it's something that you can handle on your own.

    Wish you all the best

    Peace and Love


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    Well, if you see death before it happens, ask what can you do to stop it? There was a TV show like that not too long ago. Man with a cat.

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    Well,if you do get dreams of death before it happens then you're gifted...yes,a terrible gift,I agree but then again,you're now get a chance to save your loved ones. Well,what are you waitting for ? go and try saving your boyfriend, look around with opened eyes and try to know whats gonna happen to him and stop've been given a gift no one else has,you should be glad..even if the consequences are bad...dont waste it.

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    Start writing down your dreams. Every time you dream about something bad happening, or death, write it down.

    After you do this for a few months, you can compare if "everytime" you dream about this, it happens, or if you are remembering the "hits" and not the misses.

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    maybe is a gift, maybe is a curse. If you can prevent what you foresee from happening, it is a gift and you only need to tell your boyfriend to do something different from what he had programmed or just stay home.... it depends also whether your dreams are time defined.... you mention a couple of weeks... I do not envy you if you cannot intervene in any way....

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    Call John Edwards.

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    these premonitions only last for a year or so.... So focus on the next terror attack, when you get something kinda clear write it down here.... in a short while these things will fade, and you will want them back

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    Then I would start preparing for his death then if you have seen it. Let us know what happens.

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