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Smoke comes out of my Car's AC???

I just got my car back from getting Fixed after a BIG accident...

Now, everytime i switch on the A/C, some form of gas comes out, and you could see it like steam... If you touch it, it turns to an oily substance on your palm...

What is wrong with my car? Or is it normal (just like they told me?!)


I took the car to a garage, and the guy said that there was some form of leakage...

He said, and I quote "You needn't be bothered with the technical terms, but its a mere leakage... You can pick up your car in 2 hours"

And i got it fixed for 5 Omani Rials, that's equivilant to 13 US $

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    Sounds to me like its leaking freon from the AC Evaporator core in the dash area. Have them put a Freon Sniffer in the vents and see if they find any.

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    It sounds like you might have a leak in your AC system. I am no expert, but the same thing happened with my car (without the accident occuring beforehand). I had the AC recharged, but soon after it began to spray the same cold "steam" again.

    I needed my seals replaced (however, my car was 9 years old - this shouldn't be a problem in a still newer car), but I would imagine the same result could occur from any other damage that allows the AC to leak.

    Can't tell you how to fix it, but can say that your AC will soon stop kicking out that ice cold steam and will just stop working all together.

    As far as the mechanic saying it is "normal". I highly doubt that - I've never had a car do that when the AC was working correctly ... have you? Some mechanics would tell a customer her car bursting into flames was "normal" if it made her just pay and leave. There are honest and talented mechanics out there - find a good one and stick to them when you have the choice. If you went to your insurance companies recommended mechanic, know that MOST insurance companies allow you to choose your own mechanic, their recommendation is often not the best choice for you and not the only mechanic/body shop you can take your vehicle to.

    Good Luck!

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    I'm hardly a "car guy" but I had the same sort of thing going on, except in my case it was when the heat was on. My mechanic-guy told me that the steamy-smokey gas (which made driving real sketchy) was my coolant being cooked and blown into the passenger compartment. He yanked out my "heater core" and the problem has stopped. It was a Ford Crown Vic, if it matters. I'm hardly sure that that's what you're dealing with and would highly recommend a visit to the car doctor.

    Sure, I have no heat or AC but in Michigan one gets used to it and the solution (in my case) was only 10 bucks for his time. Meh. Good luck.

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    Another possibility is your heater core. It could be steam coming out and antifreeze will have a oily feel too. I really don't think it is your A/C because if it is freon leaking it won't take long for the freon to be depleted. Once it is depleted you won't see the "smoke" anymore.

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    That's anti-freeze. You have a leaking heater core. Unless you like breathing Prestone and don't mind the engine burning up, you best get it replaced.

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    could be a freon leak.bring it in to your garage.

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