Who should I start Vikings Defense or Dallas Defense?

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    St. Louis' offense has three pro bowlers and fighting for a playoff spot while Detroit is battling for the #1 draft pick. Therefore, start the Cowboys D.

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    That's an easy one. Dallas is your best bet between them too.

    The reason why the Lions are only have two wins cause the coach believes in making plays happen and tells Kitna to throw between double teams. Kitna has became better because of it. Makes great plays when WR's caught the ball. But Kitna also gets picked alot.

    I see Dallas making 2 INT.

    MINN is a great run DEF. But their playing Rams. Bulger went for 4TD's last week. Bulger will have to throw on them. He will do so the whole game. I don't think MINN will stop the pass because of Holt. Look for Bulger and Holt to play caught the whole game.

    Because of this go with Dallas. Minn will stop the run but get killed in the air.

  • 1 decade ago

    Dallas Defense They are playing the Detroit Lions.

  • 1 decade ago

    They answered it already: DALLAS D!!

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    VIK's, should be a lot of air traffic, which translates into opportunities.

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