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Jay Leno wants to know?

Do atheists believe that people have lost the true meaning of Christmas? Do atheists complain because Christmas is too commerialized?

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    Well when you discover the current incarnation of poor old Saint Nick, Santa Claus, was designed by the Coca Cola company in the early twentieth century you kinda feel that way.

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    What is the true meaning of Christmas, or Christ-Mass? I feel as though this entire holiday has not had a true meaning for many years now. That day was a sacred day since long before Jesus ever thought of walking on this Earth. It even predates the notion of God as most know him. In America it is the reason to not go to work. It represents the silly notion of going out to spend a lot of hard earned money buying gifts for others. If this day were to be forgotten, we could save money, by buying our own things, the things that we actually need.

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    The true meaning of Christmas is that it is the mid-winter pagan festival co-opted by the church and turned into its current form in the Victorian era.

    And yes.

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