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planning for a wedding can be??? what is another word for a lot of work and hectic?

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    While many will say stressful, backbreaking, frustrating or anything of the sort, I really say it is rewarding. I say that because I am only looking at the end result- my actual wedding to the man I love.

    Yeah I may at points and times think it is more hassle than necessary, but in all reality it is all worth it.

    Just take time out for yourself every so often and designate "wedding free" days or times. When it starts to be too much for you to handle, go out with your girlfriends or take a nice hot shower.

    good luck!

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    darlin, I just had a daughter get married in October and the other one gets married next weekend. Plan, plan, plan. Since we have two weddings so close together I told both girls they could have what they wanted but had to shop around for the best prices, etc. We had a beautiful wedding in October and we will have another one next week. Ask friends to borrow items they used, rent alot of what you need. There are ways to make it fun.

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    Chaotic. Frustrating.

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    A good test for your relationship. If you can make it through the wedding, you can make it through almost anything!

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    Frenetic is a personal favorite.

  • exhaustifying...ok not a real word, but it def. applies

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    hell on earth that makes you want to elope

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    It can be chaotic and tiring.

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    Pain in the butt.

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