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my question is where does everyone get info as to much poeple in the world that we are all dying and so what..

I keep hearing that there are to many people on earth, and that there is not enough resources to meet demand. best on what facts? Because on what I have come to reliaze is that you can take all the human race and fiit them in the state of Florida in a 75 by 75 piece of land and there is enough resources to meet this deman... one example is www.befreetech.com..

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    Lets approach your question logically first. If there were enough room for EVERYONE on earth why, besides for Biblical reasons (ie: "....it is appointed upon men to die onceonce and after this comes judgement...." (Hebrews 9:27, "The Ryrie Study Bible"), would God allow people to die and be killed off of the face of it? The earth, no matter where, can't hold everyone and man can't live forever HERE. I respect your opinion, however.

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