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i have this laptop but i do not intend to use the battery , should i leave the battery in the laptop or not ?

being disabled and therefor having difficulties removing the battery i prefer to leave it in the laptop but i don't want to ruin the battery either...

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    yes leave it in but only run the charger every few days.this way if you have a power failuer you will not need to worry about damage to you pc.

  • Alex S
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    I don't know how you're disabled but removing the

    battery from most laptops is a matter of turning it

    upside down, pressing one or two buttons and lifting

    it out of the socket. So it's a 1 hand, 2 finger thing.

    If you can't remove it without difficulties I'd suggest

    to use it. I'm pretty sure you're somewhat able to

    turn of the power supply by either pulling the plug

    on the laptop or using a outlet strip with a switch.

    Most modern batteries don't have big issues with

    not being properly handled. But even those can

    and most likely will fail at some point.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    YES!! Leave the battery in the laptop. The D.C. charger has no filter circuit, and thus, there is a large D.C. ripple voltage. The batttery acts as a D.C. filter, which removes the ripple and provides a more pure D.C. voltage to the circuitry!

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    No, if you are not going to use the battery, take it out and just use your AC adapter because if you keep the battery in your computer while using it through AC power all the time, then it's going to waste your battery life. So keep the battery outside and use AC adapter

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  • 1 decade ago

    It is recommended that you remove the battery if you are going to plug the laptop in.

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  • 1 decade ago

    u should leave the battey where it will function as a backup in emergency situations.but i am curious;why did u buy a laptop if u are not taking it around?

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