I hurt my neck 4 days ago and I can't move it?

I hurt my neck doing situps 4 days ago and now I can't move my head down far enough to see my feet! It hurts nonstop now and I don't have insurance to cover it because I'm a business owner. It is the most painful when I am laying down and try to lift my head up. Any ideas???

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    You could have pulled nerves, muscles, anything. A neck injury is nothing to play with and considering it still hurts after 4 days you should go to the emergency room.

    At least have an x-ray done to make sure there is no cervical/spinal damage.

    With or without insurance I would not play with it and go to the ER.

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    Sounds like you pulled a muscle in your neck./ If happens if you use your neck muscles when doing sit-ups. The neck should just go for the ride and be relaxed when doing sit-ups. You should not be pulling your head up to pull you up..a mistake many ppl do. U

    Use can try warm heated packs on your neck to ease some of the pain...can also do ice packs on it..(like a bag of frozen peas around your neck) to help with the strain of it. Slowly, gently..roll your neck to the left, then the right..do not force it..just go as much as you can. Never force..Massage your neck area, focusing on the sore area. It will take a while for it to come back to normal no doubt..but gentle, easy streches..ice and heat packs, will help.

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    Well, it sounds like you pulled a muscle in your neck. If you had insurance, the only thing they would give you is anti-inflamitories anyway. Take a few ibuprofen and keep a hot pad on it. There is nothing you can do about it... you have to wait for the muscle to heal. I am not a fan of icing, but you could also ice your neck if there is swelling that bothers you.

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    If you have had a bad neck then first of all i want to ask you that

    what you are doing on pc go take a rest untill you feel better.

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    ICE!!! Use frozen peas-bend around best, 15 minutes on, 15 minutes off. And Aleve-anti inflammatory.

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    I once sprained my neck and thats how bad it hurt. I would see a doctor soon.

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    you will probably have to go see a chiropratic. but, sometimes it might take a little while to work out. try popping your neck you might have gotten it out of socket. if this doesnt work go to webmd.com and ask them.

    hope you feel better :)

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    go to a chiropractor! it's not a lot of money and they will get your neck back in shape

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    See your doctor... who might refer you to a physiotherapist

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    get to a Dr no matter what it cost you might have cracked something and need to mobilize it for awhile

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