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why do certain cds just suddenly stop being recognised on ma computer?

my cd drive is working fine. at least i think it is. but a few important cds like my system reboot cd just suddenly stops being read on ma computer. this has happened before. but before i could get it solved within one month the cd started working again!! now i need to use the cd again..and again its stopped being read...its been three months now...when i just now tried suddenly began to read..when i rebooted my comp its stop reading again..WHATS HAPPENING!!...what can i do?!?! how do i prevent this from happening again!??! i cant reboot ma comp if theres a genuine software problem...BECAUSE THE SOFTWARE REBOOT ITSELF ISNT WORKING...please help!!


software reboot cd..i meant to say that now the software reboot cd itself isnt responding..please help

Update 2:

i understand youl feel its wear and tear or i need to clean the lense and all...but heres the funny fact....most of ma cds work...barring a few...which have worked before...but have mysteriously stopped reading now...if i put any other music cd or game cd into the drive right now it will read...but not these few cds which i repeat work suddenly now and then...and have worked before...HELP...GULP!!

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    Sometimes your CD drive might require a Firmware update..

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    Umm, no. I wouldn't use a hair dryer, LOL! Heat doesn't give you any advantage to cleaning! Instead, use a can of compressed air (you can buy these just about anywhere). Spray air in quick bursts starting at one side moving to the other. I don't recommend using cleaning discs which can actually do more harm than good. Air is the safest way...

    Intermittent issues like that usually mean the lens is dirty, or there is a mechanical problem in the drive. It's probably best just to replace it at this point, if cleaning doesn't work. Regular CD and DVD-ROM drives are dirt cheap these days, especially if you buy online at a site like or

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    After sometime, the CD/DVD laser lens which used to read your CD/DVD degrade (wear & tear, dust, etc). In Short nothing last forever, I believed buy a new DVD drive will solve your problem. I've been using computer for 15 years & I've been dealing with the same problem. Juz buy a new DVD drive, they are freaking cheap nowaday.

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    1st of all i dont think its just the CD

    2nd try cleaning ur CD ROM with a HEAD CLEANING CD or a blower (hair dryers work on this :D )

    is still doesnt work try using a different software

    and clean up ur computer a little too

    wait are u trying to boot ur PC with a CD?

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    If your computer is not working properly while you are working on it, it could be a problem with device drivers, hardware or software.

    Detailed instructions at

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