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Does lemon juice as a bleach work?

Using Lemon Juice and the Sun. Does it work to lighten ure hair?

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    I've heard about this too, but it does not work.

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    It will work, but you need to use it *a lot*, repeatedly, over and over and over, to get noticeably light results. If you have dark hair to begin with, about the best you can hope for is an orange-ish color. Plus, it really fries your hair - the acid in the lemon juice breaks down the cuticle (the outer, protective layer of each individual hair strand) - and leaves your hair brittle and dull . If you want lighter hair, I think ultimately bleaching is better (by a beautician, not using the Chlorox from the laundry!) because even though it's much stronger, it's on there for a shorter period of time and doesn't do nearly the damage to your hair.

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    By the looks of your mini you must have brown hair, SOOOO...Only if you want orange hair. Sun- In is also another one to use if you want orange hair. You really need to go to your hair stylist and ask her/him what to do. They have stuff that is strong enough to use to give you highlights or tips.

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    Detailed information about the effectiveness of bleaching is available at

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    it works best if you have dirty blond hair - it definitely works and brightens the tones. but the best thing for light brown hair is Sun-In. Try it!

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    it wil lighten it a little but not like bleach

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    yes u r absolutly right mam.

  • erm...I thought that the sun made it browner...but I've never tried it.

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