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All illegal immigrants should join and serve in the military to earn citizenship. It can happen. No free rides

All illegal immigrants should join and serve in the military to earn citizenship. It can happen. No free rides for citizenship or legalization. Will you stand with me and contact the senate like I did? or we send all of them home.

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    Yeah, same with the crying neoconservatives, that never been outa the united states of their home town

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    I was in the Canadian Military until I retired . I repaired Vehicles and Airplanes and almost anything else that came into My Shop. Some of the Toy's I repaired cost Millions of Dollars and have the capability to kill a lot of People if required. I went to School and studied hard and really wanted to be the best Tech the Military ever had .And I can honestly say that everyone else I worked with thought exactly the same way. We were all there because We wanted to be there ,And not because We were forced to be there. Last thing I ever wanted to be was a Baby Sitter for someone else's Child who Their Parents couldn't raise properly. I had better and more important things to do with My time and that applies to all the other Persons I worked with. So if a Illegal, really want's to join up and really wants to become a member of Our Military then I say OK . But if They are being forced against Their will and only do it to stay in the Country Then I'd prefer They stay away and find somewhere else to take Them .

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    Illegal immigrants do not care about the U.S. that is why they are hear illegally. So why would you want people in our military that do not want to be part of the country? That does not make for a strong military, which in turn does not make for a strong country.

    For 200 years people have migrated here legally, why can't they?!

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    in case you're an unlawful immigrant then it somewhat is impossible to connect the US protection stress. whether you're a legal Resident of the US yet not a citizen it somewhat is almost impossible to get in. The LEAST you will desire to would desire to get interior the US protection stress is to have your green Card. it somewhat is the main serious difficulty. As for citizenship, sure in case you would be able to get interior the protection stress you would be waiting to get your citizenship extra convenient than in case you weren't interior the protection stress. that's if of direction you have your green card. No green card = No Citizenship or protection stress unlawful Immigrants = No way in hell legal citizens = With the nicely suited quantity of papers and evidence of Pending of green Card, probably sure

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    Amigo! The American military is comprised largely of a mercenary group of American citizens. They are not forced to join the military, rather they choose to join the military. Presently we are having difficulty in the Iraq war. Why do you wish to increase this difficulty? I would rather illegals be exported to their countries of origin.

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    I agree.....sometimes I forget that I am even in America anymore because there are so many here. I feel that if you have done what is needed to become a citizen, welcome BUT if you are just here, as some are, then earn your rights and stop taking away from true citizens.

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    a good number of them do but they arent illegal

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    um, no. because they come here to earn a living, otherwise, they'd just die for a pos purpose.

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    Great idea but they are to lazy or they would be legal....

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