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I need 2 lose weight,do u hae any tips 4 eating right.?

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    Well, it's going to sound boring (and it should probably be in another forum), but...

    It's always good nutrition and excercise. Most people in the US/UK eat way too many processed carbohydrates, fats, and too much processed sugar. Most don't do basic exceercise to build muscle tone (remember muscle burns more calories, so having good muscle tone raises your metabolic rate).

    You're going to have to educate yourself a bit about nutrition, so here's one link to get you started:

    Also, you might want to start some basic floor excercises and buy a set of appropriate weighted dumbells for your level if you already haven't done so:

    Really, with a set of dumbells and some regular floor excercises, you can stay in better shape than 90% of the people on the planet.

    Here's another link to get you started:

    Good Luck, and Congradulations on taking your health and fitness into your own hands!

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    I've tried many diets and couldn't make anything work. Since having my first child, I've been carrying around an extra 30 pounds. This diet just made sense and showed me that everything I was doing before was wrong and a waste of my time.

    The plan was so refreshing and so simple to follow. I did everything plan said and lost 23 pounds in the first three weeks. I'm now starting the diet again to lose 7 more pounds. This plan has changed my life.

    Get started today!

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    Check out books on Eating Right For Your Blood Type. For example: Type O's are supposed to have a high protein low carb diet, type A's should be mostly vegetarian with a high carb low fat diet...

    Exercise is important too.. but the way you exercise should be right for your type also. Type A's benefit from low-impact things like yoga. I believe type O's were more weightlifting and cardio. It makes sense if you look at what the dietary needs are.

  • If you're fat and need to lose weight, you don't need any help with eating. Sounds like you do a pretty good job of it. Maybe try NOT eating sometime (scary, huh?). Or may.....exercising. I know, it sounds like losing weight is too much work. Another alternative is drugs. I've never seen a fat dopehead so it probably works. And, after a whle you'll lose your teeth so you couldn't eat as much.

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    Water does help alot. It helps the liver break down fats. So drink water. If you're not fond of too much water then add lime, lemon or piece of fruit to taste. Knock out your margerine and extra salt too. We really don't need the extra we put into ourselves. Moderation is the key, always. Exercise too.

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    Go on a diet, dont eat any fatty food such as fast food: mc, KFC.... Eat fruits, vegetables.... Ohhh, and not only eating healthy food but also excersice, it will work togther to make you lose weight even quicker.

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    in the present day there is too lots advice obtainable on dropping weight that has substitute into greater puzzling and in some situations complicated to maintain on with. it incredibly is unquestionably extremely common to drop some pounds in case you shop on with my weightloss advice. * Be in actual approach * consume total nutrition * consume sparkling fruit * Drink adequate water * consistently bite your nutrition * Take small nutrition * incorporate protein at meal * close off television whilst eating * enhance your actual interest

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    Become a Vegetarian, I am a vegetarian and I lost 11 pounds in a month and a half and i used the book vegetarian for beginers.

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    Head over to and put in your height, weight and it will give something to print out and what to eat.

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    Cut out the sugar and most of the carbs. I did and am 32 pounds lighter. :o)

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