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Do any of you feel sorry for the infertile people? The biologically incapable?

Do you feel better than them?


Dang man. I was referring to myself in the capacity of the bologically incapable loser. Thanks for the assumptions and insults. Gosh. Just asking since a lot of pregnant people seem to rub it in my face.

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    i dont feel sorry for them because they are contributing to less reproduction in the world. less reproduction = more resources, less poverty, more ppl helping in the third world and developing countries. it does society good i think. plus if they really wanted to be fertile theres invitro and other reproductive technologies that can help them out. theres also adoption too.

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    I don't really feel sorry because I have come to terms taht some people can't have everything but there are always different options, like adoption for one, or maybe foster care where you can help alot of children out. I personally don't feel better than anyone else, were all on the earth to live and everyone has down falls, for some people it may be missing limbs, not being able to have babies, or having a mental illness. That's life.

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    You know my cousin is infertile.. and we have fifty members in our immediate family.. and all the women can have babies..

    My cousin says that she feels God chose her out of everyone in our family to be the mother of a child with no mother or father.

    My cousin is a great woman.. she is only 28 and a successful corporate lawyer.

    She has the right frame of mind.. I would have to use her words for you. Have you ever thought God chose you to do the same.

    There are so many children with no parents.. and even though we may not understand why.. It is God's way of making parents available for these children... otherwise who would adopt them..

    And trust me... in a few weeks... they become your flesh... just like your own biological.. it is in the love and care and in your sacrafice to these children.. that prove you where still meant to be a mother.

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    I have a good friend who spent tens of thousands of dollars getting pregnant. She now has 3 babies and is a wonderful mother.

    As someone who suffered a miscarriage and knows what its like to want a baby and have it taken away, I feel a lot of sympathy for those who are infertile.

    I now have a 1 year old daughter and no I do not feel better than those who have suffered with infertility.

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    Yes I do feel sorry for infertile couples that have tried and tried but cant have a baby naturally. I felt guilty both preganacies because my mother in law couldn't have kids and had to adopt. She constantly talks about how she wished she could have had more kids and done it naturally like me. I guess I kinda feel bad too because I get preganat SOOOO EASILY. Neither preganacy was planned. My family says that all my husband has to do is look at me and I'm preganat. I don't feel guilty I have kids cause I love them to death and I believe that no mom should feel guilty for having kids when someone else doesnt. I just feel guilty he came so easily to me but doesn't to others.

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    MMMmmm.. Yes, I do feel sorry for some people(and if you notice that I said people not women but people because there are some men who have low sperm counts.) just the fact that they want to be able to experience of bring in a child from the love that two people have for each other. But can't.

    Lucky some of the same people can adopted babies and kids and still experience of raising a child in this world.

    And NO! I don't feel better than them because I CHOOSE not to have a child for my own reason.

    And GOD help you IF you ever have a child of your own. Also God help the child that ever have YOU for a parent!

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    Why would i feel better than them? My step aunt is not capable of having children and ive seen that woman cry hysterically at the sight of a baby. Its sad, but never have i felt better than her becuase i gave birth to a son. I dont feel sorry for her either, the last thing she wants is my pity.

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    No, I do feel sorry for those who go to great lengths to have their own children rather than adopt babies who need homes. What I feel sorry for are the people who think it is okay to abort one baby, yet also okay to spend $20,000 to get someone pregnant with a baby by IVF.

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    Yes, my heart goes out to people who can't have kids, and no, I don't feel better than them. You make the childless sound like they have some sort of contagious disease. In fact, you sound like you think you're so superior and smug

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    What a perverse way of looking at things.

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