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Should we worry about the Earth or about what people are doing on it.?

There are some big changes happening right now and in the future if you don't have a camp David to go to you may parish.


I mean pollution, global warming, overpopulation etc.

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    Think you should worry but not panic. Be prepared to adapt to changes and try and keep positive. The planet has constantly been changing but we are in a time of rapid change now and we will have to learn to adapt.

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    The Earth, the Life is not under risk. What are on risk are some species, aerobic species (humankind included).

    To protect them we have to care Earth, of course.

    The level of CO2, CH4 and other GH gases into the atmosphere is the highest in the last 650.000 years, and gowing fast. And green surface (trees, plants, etc) the smallest.

    To save those species we have to reduce that proportion, we have to care our atmosphere. I hope even if people don´t see global warming, they see that they cann´t breathe air with much higher proportion of CO2.

    To save them (humankind included) we must take care of our planet.

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    because these two are so strongly linked, the answer is both.

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