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A question to those who are cheering Saddam's death?

Are you paying attention to the world's reaction? Can you now see that his hanging was not a blessing? Can you begin to understand what the ramifications of his hanging are? Will you celebrate the increased violence his hanging has generated? And will generate? Thoughtful replies please/

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    He really should have been kept in captivity until we have control on the situation in Iraq. His hanging came at completely the wrong time and will generate more hate and violence. Dumb move by even dumber politicians.

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    It doesn't take much to piss off muslims...After all, they kill over a cartoon......If not Saddams death, they would use some other excuse to kill and spread violence.

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    Honestly, I don't care about his death at all. I know some people think he deserved to be dead. That's fine and all but I don't care.

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