Does Satan have the power to create? How did the lion get claws and fangs?

If the lion didn't have fangs and claws for eating little lambs in the Garden of Eden, how did they get them? Did Satan change them? Does Satan have the power to create?

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    Satan is the master of illusion not creation.

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    Well, which satan are you speaking about?

    There's more than one?, you ask. Well yes. So, before we get to answering your question, let's research the different parts of your question.

    In Hebrew and Aramaic 'satan' is a demon, angel, or minor god. In each religion 'satan' plays a different role. For example, in the Torah Satan is presented as an angel (messenger) sent by God to test mankind. In the Apocrypha and New Testament Satan is portrayed as an evil rebellious demon who is the enemy of God and mankind. Religious belief systems other than Judaism relate this term to a demon, a rebellious fallen angel, devil, minor god and idolatry, or as an allegory for evil.

    As for the lion not having claws/fang in the garden of eden, I don't think this is so. According the the text and pictures that I have found they do have claws/fangs, but in the Garden of Eden, one wants for nothing. So the lion doesn't have the preditory instincts to hunt and kill, thereby leaving the little lamb alone, and allowing the lions the lay with the lambs. Now, unfortuntaly, there is no Garden of Eden, so they need those preditory skills to hunt and survive.

    So, if you claim the snake that tempted Eve (or more orginially Hawwa) is satan, yes Satan created the need for survival instincts. But, he did not create the claws and fangs on a lion. If you are of a scientific faith you could say that the claws and fangs evolved out of necessity, if they weren't in the garden of eden. But, even for me, that's stretching.

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    satan does not have the power to create anything but lies that must then be believed by someone to have any affect. There is absolutely nothing in all the Bible that suggests that satan has creative abilities. Sicknesses and diseases that are not purely bicrobial are actually manifestations of word-curses. Also there are "spirits of infirmity" that afflict individuals with debilitating symptoms. In both of these cases, these occur where there is opportunity for this to happen. That is to say, where Christ's Lordship is not fully manifested, there is opportunity for the devil (where there is no light, there is darkness).

    II Peter 5:8 says, "...the devil goes about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he MAY devour." This plainly says that he can only devour an individual where he is given permission to devour (by that individual). If that individual is not in Christ (a believer in Jesus Christ) he/she is a legal target for satan. If that individual is in Christ, but still gives satan consent by participating in sin, or believing one of his lies, again he makes himself vulnerable.

    In a fallen world, nothing is as it was originally intended to be.

    So to answer the first question, the lion has claws and fangs by the design of his Creator, who is God. What was the original intent? Can't say for sure because we are so far removed from the original state of existence. The Lord placed cherubim with a flaming sword at the garden, I suppose He can give a lion claws and fangs for survival.

    satan has no power to create, only to destroy (ask yourself, which is easier to do?).

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    I personally don't know about Satan in particulary. Was he really someone or not? That i don't know. But i know about the evil. God is fully, totally benefactor and He is known as the Creator of Heaven. His creation is only Good otherwise He would not be God. The evil is the absence of good. Who created that? We have allowed or enabled it to come into existance. Then, because it came into existance through us and because we had never seen aything evil before - we have assumed it was good and so we have sustained it. Then when it grew up enough to be obvious that it is something evil and at the time of receiving the consequences of that which we have created and sustained..... then we did not understand what it is and where does it come from, how it was created or sustained, but most of all we did not know how to get rid of it. Now it's brances have grown so much bigger than we can deal with alone and so we call for God - the Remover of Sorrow or the Purifyer to show us how and also help us remove the evil. So evil is not a conscious being, rather it is the absence of good.

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    Satan has no power, to create or otherwise.. In the Garden of Eden the Lamb lied down with the Lion. Satan did not exist there.. He came in disguise.

    Lucifer was originally an Angel, and Angel that wanted to be like God and have power over God.. He fought to have this power, lost and was kicked out of Heaven. Thus he was born as Satan, with no power, but uses his confusion and evil to confuse and destroy men...

  • Unless I am mistaken (feel free to show me a mistake scripturally), Satan deceives, he does not create. Yes, there is a use of something; and an abuse of something. In a lion's case, fangs and teeth can be good (or bad), depending on how they are viewed.

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    Yes he does according to christian teachings, he created lies, hate, plagues, distrust, chaos, blah blah blah...pretty much anything considered "evil" by the majority of the human race, however they prefer to personify said evil creator. but when you think about it, if god knows everything that is, was, or will be, then he knew that Sammael would fall, and become the Morningstar Lucifer. He knew this before he created him, yet he created him anyway. so he knew that "evil" would follow the fall of the Mornigstar. yet he did nothing to stop him from falling. there was a Great War in Heaven, yes. but if god was trully all powerful why would he even allow Sammael's meager resistance to escalate so far as to become a GREAT WAR. supposedly this war lasted thousands of years and the only way that god could defeat Sammael was to remove him from battle, erego he threw him into a fiery pit of darkness, and ever burning pitch. where did such a horrendous, terrible pit comefrom. i garuntee you that Sammael did not create such a prison, he expected to win the Great War. so the only being left strong enough to create such a world is god. now why would a loving and caring god create such and "evil" place? because he is as rutheless and power hungry as Lucifer. the only thing that all powerful beings fear is losing that power, and so he created the "evil one" the Prince of Darkness, The Morningstar Lucifer and threw him into a torturous abyss, so that he might look as the hero in the eyes of man. so yes, to answer your question: Satan does have the power to create as well as destroy, all these powers given to him by god, and not taken from him when he was "removed" from heaven. the lions did have fangs and claws but were not created with the disposition to kill the innocent lambs. if you believe that, of course. i, however, am a wiccan, a witch, by blood and practice.

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    Ha-satan is a fictional ANGEL. As such, he does not create anything, he only serves as a challenger of religious faith, and does only what God tells him to do. "Satan" didn't show up as a devil until Christians added their own Scripture, which the Old Testament specifically forbids. Unfortunately, many dishonest religious people blame Satan as a scapegoat instead of taking responsiblity for their own heinous actions.

    Lions developed claws and fangs through evolution. Those who didn't have them would have quickly died without a means to get or chew food.

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    Satan does not have the power to create. He does however have the power to get into our minds and give us the ideas we need to sin. Sin always starts with a thought. I believe lions always had teeth and claws.

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    The word 'satan' is the Hebrew transliteration of the word 'adversary.' Therefore, Satan is the one who opposes God. Satan, is the most powerful of the fallen angels. Satan, also known as Lucifer and the Devil, is said to be the one who entered the Garden of Eden and convinced Eve to disobey God.

    Source(s): 1.Achtemeier, Paul J., Th.D., Harper’s Bible Dictionary, (San Francisco: Harper and Row, Publishers, Inc.) 1985.
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    No Satan cannot create. I see nothing wrong with lions having claws or fangs that is how they eat and hunt. Is this what you rest your unbelief of God on, animals hunting for food?

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