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i havent had a peroid in 2 months almost?

i am 15. i have never had sex. i have never even had a bf for that matter. heres my peroid sechudule

may- started

June none

July- started on the 4th

August started early

September- none

October realy weird peroid

November- none

December- none yet

i have a lot of stressful family things going on and school right now. I have ben thinking oo it will start when it does. But my boobs have been a little tender lately. No i havent had any other possible signs of pregency. Can you please help me figure out what might be wrong thank you. oo and i cant go to the doctor's.

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    If you just started your period in May your body has not gotten use to all of the changing hormones. The first 2 years a girl has her periods her body is adjusting to the hormones. That is why your periods are not regular yet. But, you should see your doctor if it keeps on. Read this article it might help you with some of your questions.

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    Sometimes due to stressful situations women and girls will not start their periods with consitancy or persistance.. On the other hand, you could possibly have a cyst on your ovaries due to stress... I'm not sure why you can't go to the doctor, but I would consider trying to go to a Clinic to get things checked... hope that helps... but please consider seeing a doctor to make sure everything is as it should be.

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    Dont worry to much.It not unusuall to skip periods while reaching puberty

    Lot girls have eratic periods even after sex and even when pregnant

    See a Gyn if it continues long

    Source(s): myself with previous experiences with GF
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    The first few years of you period can be very irregular, since you are not having sex there is no chance of pregnancy don't get to alarmed...It should be come regular soon.

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    Stress can influence periods, and if you've just started a few months ago they're probably just really irregular

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    in case you're taking beginning administration in some situations that could make you permit out your era. additionally in case you havent been eating precise your era has a tendency to alter. in case you have self assurance you ought to get it once you pass tenting in simple terms pass will arranged! in case you dont get it quickly nonetheless i could see scientific expert in case you dont get your era in the subsequent month or so.

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    You need to see a doctor it could be serious.

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    it sounds like a hormone imbalance, or pre-mature menopause, either way, consult your doctor if it doesnt start again soon

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