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new laws in illinois?

I Would like many information about the new law in illinois regarding criminals and dogs. I am a convicted felon and also a dog breeder, and this subject is of great concern to me.

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    You are can own spay/neutered only and if you have a dog deemed vicious-various laws and ordinances where u live define this- it is illegal for u to own. why are you breeding anyway- got some champion show dogs??? otherwise 7-10 million dogs are killed every year for lack of homes for them-are u helping solve this problem, no not by breeding - and what breed? let me guess here- poodles?

    Source(s): Illinois is about to become the first U.S. state to crack down on dogs used by convicted felons, especially those involved in gangs, to intimidate people or participate in dog fights. Convicted felons, legally prohibited from owning guns, frequently use dogs to attack or threaten people. "This innovative act was designed to make our communities safer, and is a major step forward in correctly administering and regulating 'dangerous dog' laws," said Ed Sayres, president of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The new law, which takes effect on Monday, makes it a misdemeanor for a convicted felon to own an unspayed or unneutered dog or any dog deemed "vicious" under the Illinois Animal Control Act. Research has shown that sterilized animals are less likely to behave aggressively or be involved in fatal attacks. The illegal sport of dog fighting involves intact dogs. While not necessarily dangerous dogs by nature, pit bulls are often used by gang members for attacks and dog fights. "Dogs are wonderful companions and great protectors," said state Rep. Jerry Mitchell, a Republican from western Illinois. "They were never meant to be used as a weapon to protect or defend illegal activities."
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    The law includes certain Felonies not all

    some of which are use of a animal as a weapon IE....trained pitbull or rottwilers and crime related to animal fighting

    For a period of 10 years commencing upon the release of

    a person from incarceration, it is unlawful for a person

    convicted of a forcible felony, a felony violation of the

    Humane Care for Animals Act, a felony violation of Article 24

    of the Criminal Code of 1961, a felony violation of Class 3 or

    higher of the Illinois Controlled Substances Act, a felony

    violation of Class 3 or higher of the Cannabis Control Act, or

    a felony violation of Class 2 or higher of the Methamphetamine

    Control and Community Protection Act, to knowingly own,

    possess, have custody of, or reside in a residence with,


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    There's a few places you could try looking for information.

    First, you can try searching for any state laws using the "key word search box" at

    You can also check with your city clerk's office which issues the dog licenses. You can see if your city has the info on their website at

    Also, if you're required to have a license as a dog breeder, you can check out the following site for information on maintaining your license in Illinois:

    If you're still on probation, you can also ask your probation officer if there would be any problems. Depending on what your conviction is for, there could be some concerns or situations you would need to be sure you avoid. But again, your probation officer or attorney should be able to tell you for sure.

    Source(s): I lived in IL for 38 years and research various state laws for a living.
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    your local library shoudl have the information on this.

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