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What could be the cause of my sore breasts?

I'm a 28 year old woman who never had this problem before. I had sex (using a condom) 5 days after my period ended which was Nov. 11th. On Dec. 13th, I got my period. Now, for the last week, I've been experiencing breast tenderness. Why could this be? If I gently push on them or feel around, they feel "bruised" (the best descriptive word I could think of). Is there still a possibility I could be pregnant? If not, what are some causes of this? Does breast cancer show these symptoms? Thanks!

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    Lay off the coffee far a time

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    I had breast tenderness around the start of my period. It was painful, and my breasts were sensitive also. If you think you might be pregnant, those home pregnancy tests are very inexpensive. You might try another one within a few days after the first one. I took one one day and it came out negative, the next day I took one and it came out positive. But don't just wonder what other cause it may be. I'd make an appointment with your doctor, instead.

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    Have you done a breast examination on yourself for any lumps? Do this first. Of course, it's always possible that you could be pregnant. I literally got pregnant with my last child DURING my period...further proof that it can happen at any time. Of course you could be experiecing tenderness because of sleeping on your chest the wrong way...Sleeping in a bad position can leave tenderness on other parts of your body for days...why not the breasts?

    Regardless of the possibilities you should get breast tenderness checked out by a doctor.

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    Yes. I had two periods while I was pregnant, before I lost it. The only symptom I had was sore breasts. No morning sickness, no weight gain, nothing. My sister also had two periods while pregnant. Take a test.

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    yes you could still be pregnant. i know of women who had a few periods while they were pregnant. however, i dont think its something to worry about. if you want to get it checked out, see your gynecologist, i would hope at 28 you have a gyn

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    Women can get pregnant anytime...some have periods the whold nine months..I'd get a pregnancy test to start with and if its negative, then have your dr. give you a through physical..Good Luck!

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    I get that sometimes if I drink a lot of cheap coffee. I dont' know why! But it happens. Have you been drinking any folgers?

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