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Where should I buy my skinny jeans?

I am 110 pounds and 5'2 but Im only 13 years old. I want to find some gret skinny jeans at the mall but I was wondering where I should buy them? Pacsun? Hollister?

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    Target and Old Navy have good selections of skinny jeans for not a lot of money.

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    I buy all of my jeans at Charlotte Russe. They have many different shades, and styles of jeans and they carry all different sizes in waste. They also have long, regular, and short jeans. Plus they're good quality jeans that will last a long time, and they aren't very much money.

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    Abercrombie and Fitch has really great skinny jeans in your size. If you can't afford the $80+ price tag, try Abercrombie Kids - it's much cheaper, and still in your size.

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    American Eagle has some great skinny jeans called "Blue Issue."

    Best of all, they're having a sale right now!!!

    Have fun shopping!

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    gap is the best with jeans they have all styles, and colours if its to big there go to oldnavy or gapkids cute stuff for under $30!!!

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    buy some on ebay! get some j brand skinny jeans!

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    Abercombie or if your on a budget target or maybe Guess

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    hollister is good

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