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Where should I buy my skinny jeans?

I am 110 pounds and 5'2 but Im only 13 years old. I want to find some gret skinny jeans at the mall but I was wondering where I should buy them? Pacsun? Hollister?

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    I love gaps.

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    Hollister has great skinny legs. So does Abercrombie, but they can be pricey. Try American Eagle. I have 2 pairs from there and i have the same body as you...from what you described.


    Ps.Have fun at the mall! Think of me! LOL

    Source(s): Myself and the wonderful fabulous mall!
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    Hollister has amazing skinny jeans. So does Abercrombie but those are a little more pricey.

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    I think that the Gap has skinny jeans.

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    Oh cool I'm thirteen too and love skiny jeans. I really doesnt matter where you buy them if there good material, not to expensive and look good.

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