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Sick of Saddam....shouldn't we be honoring President Ford?

Good riddence Saddam


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    We can do both! But I think the media is going overboard on the reporting of Saddam's payment of his crimes.

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    you certainly need to renowned what you're speaking approximately in the past putting forth some thing like this. Ford have been given his job because of the fact Spiro Agnew had to offer up as vp. he's the only vp and President appointed to the place of work. a techniques because of the fact the pardon of Nixon. That became mandatory to place the Watergate Scandal in the back of the yank public and circulate the rustic forward. this style President Ford might desire to manage the numerous different important matters surrounding the rustic at that element. some lines from the positioning under: there have been the stressful circumstances of learning inflation, reviving a depressed financial gadget, fixing continual potential shortages, and attempting to make certain international peace. The President acted to cut back the rage in direction of government intervention and spending as a ability of fixing the matters of yank society and the financial gadget. interior the long-term, he believed, this shift might convey a extra helpful existence for all human beings. As President, Ford tried to calm in the past controversies with the aid of granting former President Nixon an entire pardon. He might have not been the 'ultimate' President yet became the suitable guy on the suitable time in united states's history to deal with the job. He healed the rustic.

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    I agree. Our society's culture is so short-term in news, and important issues. On some media outlets, Gerald Ford is already old news. This is so sad. There are more important things going on. Saddam is gone, but we are still at war, Darfur needs out help, and we should continue to honor James Brown and Gerald Ford without ignoring the important issues as well.

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    I agree!

    Saddam's death marks a new era for Iraqi people and the promise of a stable democracy.

    But Ford was our President through some of the darkest days in the U.S. He ended an era of conflict and corruption to bring the U.S. back to where it belongs - united.

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  • 1 decade ago

    We all know the horrors that Saddam perpetrated.

    What did Ford do? Wasn't he the guy who will be remembered for not being able to walk and chew gum at the same time?

    Some people give too much reverence to their politicians,.,,

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    Yep! The newscasters should say, "Saddam is dead. In other news today..." Don't give it much press! What else is there to say? He got what he gave to over a million of his own people.

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    AMEN, brother,godbless an happy new year!

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