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why don't we start by ourselfs 2 prepair our life our history stop being the slave 4 the israel&amrca govermet

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    Will, it would be the right thing to do, but since now we the Arabs cant unite ourselves on one good aim and instead we are killing each other and judging each other weare going to be slaves for america.First we have to beleive in god, the one and only god whether we are muslims or christians.the most important is to have freedom, to have a good and fair govrnement,and of course we have to make our bread and stop accepting cherity from foreign countries ,that way we will be the masters of our own fait.

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    confident! case in point actual now in my existence... I even have lots of issues i choose for and ought to do. i ought to pass to paramedic college, i ought to enhance myself in the worldwide and that i ought to make money... yet each and every door looks to maintain last. In my existence God brings on each and every thing without warning or maybe nonetheless actual now i'm no longer doing something, i be attentive to presently i would be doing lots I won't even have time to even sleep. So I thank him for now and enable him hassle approximately later. I additionally in simple terms gained my EMT and as quickly as I have been given it, i replaced into provided with many circumstances the place I had to apply it. there's little question God prepares us for what he has next...

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    The world politics will change when we no longer have such a great thirst for oil, for good or bad? well, that remains to be seen.

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    cuz isreal is located very strategically.

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