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i am sick what do i got?

What is wrong do i just got a cold?

it started two days ago and has not really changed it hit me hard on the first day! My chest is heavy, i cough but not much, my voice sounds funny sometimes during the day, more at night my forhead feels warm, my body is kinda achy. sometimes when i breath deep i can hear a raspyness in my chest!

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    Sounds like you could have a chest cold, or bronchitis, or it could lead to pneumonia, the best thing is to see your doctor. You may have to take something to break up the "heaviness" in your chest, like humibid or mucinex that they sell over the counter.

    Here is a website where you can fill in your symptoms to see if you have a chest cold: I hope you feel better. Happy New Year.

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    It might be just a cold- and those are miserable enough.

    But the beginning stages of bronchitis look like that too. The thing that makes me think of that is the raspiness in your chest.

    If you don't see an improvement by tomorrow, see a doctor to make sure you don't have bronchitis or pneumonia.

    Good luck!

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    Cough is caused by a number of ailments.

    It can be treated by over the counter medicines

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    Go to Doctor and get a decongestant prescription.

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    it sounds like the flu.


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