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how can i teach my kitten to use the HUMAN toilet bowl??

i would really like to teach her..

so how?

and how long will it take?

shes a fast learner!

she is about four and a half months old.

really intelligent and curious.

and also, i live in malaysia, and they dont ship any of those things to aid toilet bowl training like those special trays to put over the toilet bowl and stuff. so i basically gotta teach her with run of the mill stuff u can find around the house or buy in the shops. so help please ! =) thanks a bunch!


also, if i teach her to use the toilet bowl.. will she know how to use a kitty litter if i put her in the boarding house when i go overseas next month??

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    HI Kim...toilet training any cat/kitten takes a lot of time and patience, therefore someone must be there nearly 24/7 in the beginning and when the litter box is removed during the training process. On average cats who are toilet trained take anywhere between 3 months to 1.5 years depending on age, individual temperament and the techniques used. No one technique works for all cats so people have to experiment to see works best.

    Here's one person's home made technique to toilet train a cat:

    Please remember that some cats who are toilet trained will have accidents around the home because during the training process you have to remove the litter box entirely, which is why it's important to be home full time during this stage of training as well.

    And to answer your other question, cats will still user a litter box even after being toilet trained.

    Source(s): Animal Trainer to domestic and exotic cats Two toilet trained cats
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    I would wait untill she is about 6 months before you teach her, but here is how I would do it.

    Move her litter box from wherever it is, to one side of the toilet. Make sure your cat knows where it is. Wait a few days. Then, raise the litter box about an inch by putting something underneath it, such as a phone book. Wait a few days. Continue doing this untill the litter box reaches the height of the toilet bowl. Once it reaches the correct height, move the litter box onto the actual toilet. With the lid up and the seat down. Wait a few weeks this time to let the cat get used to it.

    Then gradually take away the litter box and whenever your cat needs the toilet, it will have to go to where it used to go, over the toilet bowl.

    Thats how I would TRY and do it.

    I DO NOT recommend you actually try this, but seen as you actually asked, I was oblidged to reply.

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    ok, I try this and it works for 1 of my 2 cats.

    1, move the litter box to the top of the toilet, let ur cat use it for a few days.

    2. make a small hole in the box, (still in the top of ur toilet), let ur cat use it for a few days.

    3 start meking the hole bigger and bigger, so ur cat learn to avoid the hole.

    4, in about a week the hole its going to be big enough to stop using the litter box,

    5 thats it.

    as I said before only works for my youngest cat, my older cat keep pushing the litterbox down the toilet, she is so pretty.

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    well some kind of tight bag over the bowl that can hold a small amount of litter in the beginning. as she learns take the bag off and hopefully she will go right into the pot. personally, i just potty trained mine to go outside like a dog. cats are very smart. she will learn. it just takes lots of praise and persistence. i have a "cat" door and he just hops and and goes potty. solved the whole litter box dilemma.

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    4 years ago

    there's a product someplace that matches over the bathroom. It starts as a clutter field, then you truthfully get rid of slightly contained in the middle, then slightly extra till the cat can merely *perch* on the lavatory seat and bypass instantly contained in the lavatory. merely checked on the Pets at abode internet web site - this is noted as the clutter Kwitter. I easily were questioning even if it truly is any strong......

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    You will need one of these special training tops to put on your toilet. Some cats learn it and even prefer it to litter boxes. Others don't. As far as I know these tops are shipped worldwide.

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    there's a reason why its a HUMAN toilet bowl and not a CAT toilet bowl. What you are looking for is called a litter box.

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    Um, I'm not too sure that is a good thing to do. Your kitten should learn to use the litter box, not the toilet. See, if you are gone somewhere and kitten needs to go, she cant climb up on the toilet. And she wont know to go to the litter box. I would advise not to teach her to to that.

  • Well my sister taught her cat to use the toilet. I think she put his litter box near the toilet and he also knows how to flush. Hes a smart cat but its anoying how he knows how to flush the toilet though.

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    Get a book on it. But y would u want to do that??? Also dogs are smarter so maybe u can teach a dog to do that. Or go to a kitty daycare or a personal cat trainer. And let her no whos da boss!!!

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