Can you explain this comment from the Vatican?

The Vatican’s spokesman, the Rev. Federico Lombardi, called the execution of Saddam Hussien “tragic and reason for sadness.”

So what do you people who are saying Democrats are mourning have to say about a conservative saddened. BTW, I actually posted a quote to support my claim, this is from


I don't know how my Chruch could say that. I sure as hell won't be praying for him, and I'll be enraged if they ask fro me to pray for him at mass tommorw. I'll be praying for the victims of his crimes, the people we really should feel sad for.

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    I am Catholic and against the death penalty in MOST cases - but not in this one.

    Killing is NEVER good and the reason that Saddam had to be hanged is tragic.

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    I must admit to a certain sadness myself. It is not about mourning Saddam. It is a reflection on why it was needed.

    The Bible says we are not to delight in the fall of another.

    Seeing the Kurds and Shia dancing in the streets does lighten the mood for me.

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    With every life lost , we ,the human kind , lose a small part of God .

    What do the Comandements say ?

    Don`t want your friend`s woman ,.......... .

    Love the other, like you love yourself .

    Doesn`t it, or does it , tell you the Ten Comandements , what to do ?

    Source(s): The Bible
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    The Vatican does not believe taking a life is ever allowed.

    It always suprises me how many conservatives get orgasmically happy when a criminal is put to death. Clearly they have not read the bible they are so willing to use to get their candidates elected.

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    So are you saying every Republican is a Catholic?

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