Is the new female teacher hitting on me?

There have been numerous incidents where it seems like she is flirting with me or hinting at something more but it's hard to tell. I know when I first saw her in the beginning of the year I didn't think much of her but then I had to go into school early one day and I had to visit her classroom and I didn't need anything from her but she insisted that I stay and write something down for her and as I was doing it she sorta whispered something into my ear. When I walked out of the class I got a chill and just felt like something was wrong. There have been other incidents but that is the one big one. There hasn't been any contact though and she's actually a really attractive woman in her 30's and I'm 17.


I'm not an old perverted guy thinking of weird fantasies. I'm actually asking seriously. I'm 17 years old and I made another account so no one I know could see that it was me.

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    Go for it man. Seriously. Only she can get into trouble for this.

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    Stay away! She's looking for trouble and you don't want to get involved. Haven't you seen all the news stories lately about students being seduced by their teachers? You are a smart kid to notice all of this and very sensible to have a bad feeling about it. You would do so much better to find friends your own age. Tell your parents or a trusted adult right away, and make sure not to be left alone with this woman. Good luck, I'll be thinking about you.

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    hard to tell. despite the prevalence of female teacher-male student 'hook-ups' in the press of late, the likelihood that your teacher is hitting on you is minimal. anyway, without more specific detail I couldn't give you an accurate answer. You have no witnesses, and your vague description of one incident doesn't seem compelling evidence of anything, let alone what you are implying...I actually don't consider it with the same gravity if you had told me the situation was reversed (male teacher, female student) but ethics-wise and legally, she should be remaining hands off with you and all students...if it concerns you, why not discuss it with a preferably male, counselor at your school.

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    If she's in her 30's, attractive and having to hit on a 17 year old there must be something wrong with her. Run.

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    If your uncomfortable then something is wrong.

    1.Tell an adult as soon as possible, document what has already happened and turn it in on Tuesday.

    2. Never be in the same room alone with her.

    3. Protect yourself from her trying to say you attacked her or acted in appropriately towards her.

    4. See if you can transfer out of the class.

    I had a male teacher who never looked at a girl's eyes, he constantly looked at their chest. It grossed me out and I switched classes.

    If it makes you uncomfortable you get away.

  • Wow i would act like i dont know what's going on ignore her and if she contuines to throw hints make excuses to keep from going in the class when noone else is there if things keep getting more and more awkard go in class with a friend or someone or talk to the superintent or file sexual harrasment complaints unless you are the one who's leading her on...

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    Do yourself a favor and IGNORE the hints.

    Pretend ignorance.

    If the hints get stronger in time, or touching begins, go see the Principal.

    If nothing else happens, then at least you didn't blow things out of proportion.

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    If she's reallly attractive, that every one likes her and everyone keeps talking about her and would do her if they could, then it's probly all in your head because you want her to do that. Stay behind a lot and see what happerns, go on.

    Having red some of the other answers, don't think what your mom would think, think waht your mates would think eh. You wouldn't get in trouble and she wouldn't go to jail if you didn't press charges, I think.

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    It does sound like she is hitting on you. Several recent cases involving female teachers and male students have sent the message that it is ok for female teachers to do that. It is not. You should tell your parents or the principal of your school

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    Keep your distance! It may be flattering to have an attrative 30-something giving you attention but this situation will lead you no where and you'll end up damaging your future and reputation in the long run.

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    Do not get carried away by infatuation. Getting into fantasy relationship with techer would affect your studies.Concentrate only on studies. Practise Yoga to control your emotions

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