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My 4 month pit is really energetic.?

I keep her in this mini face in the backyard. Whenever she see's me, her tail wags fast like she's ready to play. Whenever I let her lose, she jumps on me, very energetic. She tends to lick my hands and face a lot. I don't let her inside because I don't want her to poop and pee inside the house.

I got a couple of questions...

How much should I feed my dog a day?

Is it good to give her water with little milk in it?

She wants to come inside, but I need her to be outside (read above)...What can I do?

When I play with her outside, I can't even throw a stick/ball so she can fetch...she's too busy jumping on me, and licking me hands and all that...What other ways can I play with her?

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    First, it sounds like she needs more exercise time and play time to burn some of that energy. This will also be a great time for obedience training!

    You need to feed your dog (puppy) according to the food manufacturer's instructions. Every food is different because of the ingredients and fillers. You will notice while food shopping, that the higher end, more expensive foods, require less feeding amounts. That's b/c more nutrients are absorbed, the food quality/ingredients are better.

    Puppies and kittens can not properly digest cows milk. the only milk they ever needed was from their Mom. Water is all they need now besides their food and love.

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    I'm sure you've probably heard this already, but your dog is a puppy. Puppies have alot of energy and crave alot of attention. If your keeping her outside all of the time then she is not getting the attention she needs. Therefore everytime you come out she will be hyper and excited to see and get your attention. I know the housebreaking can be rough but you just have to be consistent. If you bring her in and she poops or pees in the house then you scold her right at the time she does it so she knows what she has done is wrong. Then take her outside immediately so she knows she needs to potty outside. Puppies that age can't hold their bladder for long periods of time. Try taking her outside to potty every 2 hours. (Or more if needed.) When she pottys outside give her a treat and praise her. If she is around you more often, say if you try bringing her in the house, her "hyperness" towards you will calm down.

    As for the food, I would suggest 1-2 cups in the morning and the same in the evening. (That is what I do for my 6 month old Dalmatian and he is good and healthy.) I would stay away from the milk unless you want your dog to have the runs.

    I would just try to give her plenty of attention and not keep her in a mini fence all day by herself.

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    How much to feed?

    -The bag of dog food should tell you how much based on her age and size

    Water with Milk?

    -It's generally NOT a good idea to give dogs any cow milk products. Espcecially puppies, as it can seriously upset their digestive systems


    -Puppies like your pit are extremely susceptibale to parvo. Most shelters/rescues/vet clinics reccommend that puppies be kept inside and monitored at all times. If she hasn't had all of her Parvo and distemper vaccine boosters you need to get on the stick with that. Leaving her outside is flirting with Parvo heartbreak, because the virus that causes this illness can live in the soil for up to six months. So many puppies die every year from parvo, and it's just heartbreaking.

    Pooping/Peeing in House?

    -Have you tried crate training your puppy? With a little bit of crate training and some patience you can get her to stop using the bathroom in the house. besides, she's a puppy for God's sake! Puppies can't go a long time without using the bathroom anyway. They have accidents. Training is key to a happy puppy.


    -Again I must say....TRAINING IS KEY! You can;t just leave puppy caged in the back yard and expect her to be the perfect specimen of obedience. A properly behaved dog takes time, effert, and training. Check your local shelters and see if they offer Obedience classes.

    I'll be honest, it seems to me, from what you have written That you aren't prepared or equiped to have a puppy, let a alone a pit puppy. Pit Bulls are loving dogs, but they need to be properly trained (like all breeds do). They get such a bad reputation because people mistreat them and don't train them the way they are supposed to. It seems to me, that you aren't doing right by this puppy. Try contacting a Pit Rescue or your local shelter and finding her a home that can take care of her the right way. Being Locked up in a cage in your back yard with no Obedience training, and probably no vet care, is not the right life for her.

    Source(s): Working in vet clinics, shelters, and working on an animal science degree
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    Pit bulls are very needy dogs, and it sounds like she just really wants your attention. 4 months is probably a bit young to expect her to play in an organized way, but she'll get the hang of it when she's a bit older.

    If at all possible, I would recommend trying to crate train her indoors. Since they are so needy for affection, you'll find that if she is allowed indoors she will be a much more devoted, happier pet.

    A note on the mini fence - pits are jumpers and if the fence does not have a top, you'll probably find that she can jump the fence before long. My 4-year-old male can jump a 6-foot fence.

    Source(s): personal experience.
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    I own a pitbull and they are very energetic dogs,but above all they are companion dogs,I don't mean to sound rude but keeping her outside is unfair and inhumane.pitbulls need their ppl,I recommend that you let the dog inside,crate her when you're not home but pitbulls are not meant to be outdoor dogs.The reason she is probally acting so nuts when you go to play with her is because she's very lonely out there,this can also make her nasty and over protective of her area and who wants a nasty dog.As far as food goes My pit eats everything,i mix raw meat and eggs cottage cheese,pasta,brown rice everything together and she loves it.I give her very little kibble.Bring her inside,if you do not have time for her or patience to train her then you shouldn't have her it's not fair to her.

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    Pit bulls are high energy dogs. Walk that energy off her. She will love you for it. Sounds to me like she is craving your attention. My 5 year old male pit is still high energy. Walk, walk, walk.

    Milk is really not good for an kind of dog. Dogs are lactose intolerant, she will end up having running stool. My pit loves to give kisses too. He sleeps with me in bed at night. Remain calm and assertive with her. I would bring her in the house. She will calm down just knowing you are near. When I leave the house, my pit sits in the window waiting for me to come back. They are very loyal dogs. Good luck with her, don't give up. They calm down after they grow out of their puppy years.

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    Pit bulls are very energenic so its normal trust me my bro has one. But u gotta let him no that he cant do that because pit bulls are nown to attack plp. So wen he gets older he may attack if u dont stop him now.

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