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My wife is doing to many small loads of laundry and using a LOT of energy! Ideas on how to tell her to stop?

She sometimes washes a shirt or two in a fully filled washer! It is a waste of energy and I am coughing up the bucks to pay the bill. I have been thinking about putting in a Coin-op washer and dryer like at the laundrymat..that way she will be discouraged to waste. Is this a good idea?


Most responses are from the hen-pecked men again..

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    Have her watch "An Inconvenient Truth" then say, "Hey babe, maybe we should do our part as a couple to conserve energy and save the only planet we have to live in!"

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    haha thats funny but no thats not a good idea. washing machines have options to pick how much water you want them to fill with based on how much you are washing just tell her to pay more attention that if she washes one item put it on the small load water level, this is not difficult if she is in any way intelligent she should get it, if that doesnt work just get rid of the washer and go to the laundrymat if it's costing you that much money. And I also really like the idea someone else had of having her watch the movie "An Inconvenient Truth" it is very eye opening. Also, maybe if she does well for say a month and you save money on your bill take her out to a nice dinner or something, show her you can use the money for something much more fun than laundry.

  • While the coin-operated washer is a marvelous idea, perhaps you should not change your clothes for several days and don't shower. Tell her that her unacceptable use of energy has necessitated your frugality; you are saving water by letting your clothes get dirtier before washing them and by not taking showers as much. Threaten to divorce her if she doesn't do the same...then who will pay her energy bill driven up by washing one clothing item at a time?

    Then make her rotate your beers.

  • Just tell her to adjust the setting on the washer. Some clothes have to be washed by themselves, esp. when they are new. By the way, if you put in the coin op, unless you give her a roll of quarters, don't even think about asking her to do your laundry...and even then don't count on it

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    Assuming that this is really happening, I would just explain to her that she doesn't need to wash one or two shirts in a fully filled washer. with your other questions, I think you're just trying to get the ladies riled.

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    lmao thats a great idea u got some really good ones ooh and for the record im not a hen pecked man im a chick

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    If you don't want to start washing all the clothes yourself. Buy one of the new Whirlpool machines. They have this 6th Sense Technology that weighs the load and adjusts the water itself.

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    Put her in the wash with the closes and tell her she taking a bath at the same time.

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    Why don't you just tell her that it's wasteful and that it bothers you?

    You could buy a smaller washing machine, one that only does just a few shirts and pants at a time.

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    tell her you'll do the laundry from now'll see that the clothes will just keep piling up and become overwhelming if you have more to fold than just a few...but watch out cause my husband always overloads the washer and the clothes don't come out clean...then I have to rip him a new one*

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