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What makes a good tasting pizza? sauce crust cheese etc Thanks?


great answers everyone..thanks!

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    all of the above! do frozen bread loaves.thaw and shape.try finding don pepino sauce(or your favorite) use mozza cheese now add shredded swiss this adds a kick and it just makes your pizza have that secret "zing" top with grated parm the best you will ever have. let me know or ask any questions.

    Source(s): I love pizza and I am also a cook and this is the best ask my friends! have to bring it every superbowl!
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    I think the combination of all of that.

    For example:

    Pizza Hut has a great crust and sauce but the cheese and pepperoni is not quite right. Ruins the taste of everything else.

    Round Table Pizza is flawless. All ingredients are fresh and taste very well together. Try some.

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    The ingredients have to be the best. Also the sauce has to have a good flavor with just enough herbs, and the cheese has to be fresh. Sauce and cheese have to be in the right ratio. Not too much sauce, not too much cheese. After all of that is right, then taste the crust by itself. It shouldn't be too thick and chewy. It should be fluffy and a little chewy with just enough salt and flavor to want to eat it by itself. When you get down to the crust, do you want to eat it or leave it on your plate? That's how you can tell that the crust is really good. Also, the pizza should be baked in a brick oven - high heat and baked quickly!

    Pizza is my favorite food!

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    If you like white sauce, then this is a great recipe that you can make at home. Start with flour tortilla's. Top with enough El Fredo sauce (use your favorite jar brand) to cover the top of the tortilla leaving a rim for the crust. Top it with cooked Chicken breast, or anything else you might like on it instead. Bake at 350 degrees until the tortilla is golden brown. This makes a thin, crunchy crust. You could even do this recipe with a red pizza sause and your favorite toppings. It's a quick and easy lunch or dinner. Enjoy!

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    A good pizza has cheese, crust, sauce, and any thing else people like on there pizza.

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    the crust and the cheese is what you taste most other than the meats you use. Sometimes places overdo the sauce, and that takes away the taste of the rest.

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    All of the answers are good, but here are some more:

    1) Drizzled with olive oil before cooking

    2) WHOLE milk mozzarella

    3) Salphiilly is right about Don Pepino's sauce being the best.

    4) Sprinkle with oregano before cooking

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    You need all three to have a delicious pizza. a good spicy sauce. freshly grated cheese and nice fresh crust!!!

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    Seasoned right Suace showering the bread to where it oozes out from under the warm, stringy, greesy, stretchy cheese with a crispy, but not hard crust.

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    a stuffed crust (with cheese) pepperoni pizza! Yum...

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