1993 ford f-150 is misfiring and dies. just fixed radiator, what could be causing it to die and miss?

just repaired radiator. will run but it sputters and dies alot. there is gas in the gas tank.

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  • bobweb
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    1 decade ago
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    Bad ignition wires, especially if it has the Ford modular 4.6 Liter engine.

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    i own a shop,and might be able to help,,was it doing it before this ,if not then you need to check a few things on it first of check and see if any of the spark plugs looked fouled out,,if so replace them, you,ll also need to check all the ignition system out real good ,there's one possibility here that i hate to mention,but its possible you may have a bad head gasket on it,and the pressure from the new radiator is pushing a small amount of coolant in the engine,,i seen this happen a few times,,if it ever got hot on you with the old radiator,,this could have happened to it,,i hope not though,,id just check over everything,and see if anything looks bad,if so replace it,,that's all i can tell you right now,,I'm sure you,ll,ll find what it is,good luck hope this help,s.happy new years.

    Source(s): been a certified mechanic for 36 yrs.
  • 1 decade ago

    Try changing spark plugs and wires

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