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::..(((WerE caN I liStEN 2 thE enTIRe sOnGG???)))..::?

Has n e 1 ever heard "Let Go" by Megan Rochelle??? Its a VeRy, VeRy good song, and I was wonderin if n e 1 has n e idea of what web site I can go to and listen to the entire song,,(((I already tried you tube and its not on there))) lol... plz and thanks!!! && HaPpY nEw YeAr!!!!!! Luv yah!!!!! ♥

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    Go to Myspace Music and type in Megan Rochelle. There are quite a few pages listed that you can hear this song.

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    You shold try AOL MUSIC. There's a lot of artists on there and you can listen to a lot of songs and watch videos too.

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    you can try limewire or yahoo music

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    try limewire

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